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Cambodian Girls: What Everyone Is Saying About Them Today!


Dating experience in South East Asian country with Cambodian girls could be entirely different as in any of the Western country.


The reason is that Cambodia is a very traditional country with a history of war, conflict, and dictatorship for over a long period of time. We will talk about how it could be a western guy while dating Cambodian girls.


Let me give a brief overview of the Kingdom of Cambodia first. It’s a small country with the total population of about 1.5 million inhabitants. Phnom Penh is the capital city while Khmer being that national language of the state. People mostly follow Buddhist religion.


There are a few things that a guy should know if they want to date Cambodian girls.


No Cupid dating Site


Cambodia could be said as the small state to afford a cupid dating group. However, the most known sites are, mingle and badoo. You can find several Cambodian girls looking for their International boyfriend on these sites.


This is a good start getting to know someone before you decide to go the place by yourself, especially if you don’t think Cambodia could serve as a great tourist spot.


It is not wise to consult marriage agencies to find Cambodian brides as these could be a big scam. Most of the times local men are running these fake sites to gain monetary benefits in an unfair manner. Sometimes, there are foreign people and sometimes there are prostitutes who seek their benefit in fooling the people around.


Just be alert if someone tries gaining your sympathy and tries squeezing your pocket by luring you.


Is it Difficult to Find Cambodian Girls on any Online Platform?

No, it is not. I already shared a few online sites with you but you can search for more. Those who are into online and interracial dating must be familiar with the fact the cupid is the biggest run online dating network with its website for almost all nationalities — Biggest plus reliable.


However, since Cambodia doesn’t have Cupid but it doesn’t mean the sites that I have told you wouldn’t have Cambodian girls.


Also, it is one of the bitter facts, besides sharing the more or less the similar features as of Thai, Filipinos, Vietnamese girls, Cambodian girls still somehow are overlooked by the foreign men. That is perhaps, Cambodia has not been able to set itself as a tourist spot among these South East Asian countries yet.


Therefore, don’t stop your search. The Girls in Cambodia are very much interested in the finding a soulmate outside their country and most probably the Western guy. Plus, as there are no many western guys looking for them so there is less competition.


Being a Western, you will have higher chances to find and meet your Cambodian girlfriend who is waiting for you and is not committed somewhere else at that moment.

Why are the Cambodian Girls attracted to a Western Guy?


Well, it could have multiple reasons. They may adore you simply because you have better looks than the guys around them in routine. They may see you as a chance to get away from Cambodian land and lead a prosperous and a better life.


A new generation might be so much inspired by the Hollywood and wish that they have a boyfriend as someone in the movies they just have seen.


Also, do you know according to a national survey 25% of Cambodian women are the victim of domestic violence?  Marrying a western man means an escape for them from a life with domestic violence.


I am not saying all Cambodian men are cruel but the statistics speak for itself. One out of every four women in Cambodia faces the violence at home by her men. This is usually the men are so much into alcohol. Another observer told they do not drink little but way too much.

Deep Connection


So yes, Cambodian girls as with the rise of education and the exposure are understanding the situation and wish to stay away from a man who does not have a stunning look but still, he dominates her just because she is a woman.

Why would Cambodian Girls prefer a Local Man?


Again, this could have multiple reasons. First, the Cambodian girls are very family oriented. Family get-togethers and understanding the family culture is a great deal for her.


This element lacks in the western culture and therefore, it is very much unlikely that a white man can easily get along with a family set up.


Also limited or no knowledge of local language could be a big hurdle in order to mix up with the family even though you girl could communicate with you in English. Please note a Khmer girl speaks better English than a Thai.

What can you expect in Relationship with a Cambodian Girl?

This is a pretty straightforward rule. If you find a good girl in Cambodia, you will have a loyal, sweet and caring partner for all your life.


She might not be highly educated but she would know how to take care of her family and then her man. These girls are very down to earth.


You definitely should expect deep philosophical or political conversation with Cambodian girls over your dates as that is not something of their area at the moment. She can help you know about her culture and other light and fun stuff and, you can both find ways together to enjoy your time with each other.


How easy would it be to date a Girl in Cambodia?


Dating actually has not made its way into Cambodia yet. Although increasing presence of foreigners is changing the patterns still, you have to be careful while asking a girl out.


Talking to a girl is relatively difficult. But If you like one, ask her some random questions to engage her in conversation and try to have some coffee or tea with her sometime.


Keep in mind a good Cambodian girl will never sleep with you on the first date. They usually stay virgin until they get married which is after the 20s. If your first date has been successful and feels like continue meeting again, you should know that this time, her family will be involved.


For them, seeing someone is not a long process. They like and quickly decide if it could be their significant other or not. So if you are meeting her over and over again that means she is into you and that is a lifetime commitment.


Business of Hookers In Cambodia


Prostitution, unfortunately, has been introduced into Cambodia as the inflow of westerners especially sex tourists has increased in the land. Some people have taken advantage of it.


Bars and clubs are places where these business is being run and somehow it sad to see that many times young girls who are below 18 are dragged into the nasty trade.


Watch out for such women and girls. Also when you meet your girl, try checking her National ID card or the passport to confirm her age. Sometimes dating and sleeping with some underage girls may set you behind bars.


Another trip under the same business for a foreigner is, never accept a free glass of beer. If you do, you might wake up later with all valuables gone.



Cambodian girls are super sweet and caring once in a relationship but you need to give them their time instead of quickly getting with them in bed.


They are also quite annoyed by sex tourists. So for a good Cambodian girl, a man with decent dressing and respectful attitude would be acceptable to agree to have a coffee with. Else, if you give the slightest sign of being a mere a pleasure seeker, she will shake you off.


Cambodia is not Thailand, India, Singapore, China or Vietnam but has taken some from each of these places. Along with a loving wife, you will enjoy the mix of these different cultures. I wish you luck with your for a nice Cambodian Girl.


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