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Why Colombian Girls Can Change Your Life!


 Is there anything that makes Colombian girls different from rest of the girls in the world? Or if I try to be a little more specific, then different from the American girls? Or narrowing it down even more, different from other Latina girls?


Yes from many girls around the world, because majority of Western guys are stunned by their attractiveness. From other North American girls because they wear their femininity with great elegance and, from other Latina’s because of some other minor social attributes.


I have come across several Western men who have dated and have been able to spend time with Colombian girls. Each had something different to say.


Hearing from them left me ever more confused but at the same time really curious to find out the real fact about the nature of Colombian girls when it comes to a date or a relationship.


I will be putting down a few of the experiences that guys who spend time with Colombian girls have shared with me and what conclusion I could draw out of that along with a basic tip.


Colombia as a State


You may be aware of disturbed and violent situation in Colombia. I don’t mean to scare you if you are interesting in the Colombian girls and thinking to visit and date one of them.


Sure, Go ahead but just don’t drop your guard.


Try to stay in the cities which are known to be safe for the foreigners. Some of these include Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Cartagena. But even within these cities are the places that a foreigner needs to look for if they wish to stay safe.


Other approaches on staying safe and meeting the woman who would not drag you in trouble is all up to your own choice of actions and wisdom.


Few things that men described who dated Colombian girls


Their exceptional Charm and Affection


The common traits you will find among most of the South American girls would be their sweet and caring natures. Colombian girls are exceptional charming that becomes really prominent with their feminine nature.


Open, sweet and affectionate- They want your attention and once find you close to their hearts they will take no time to open up and express their care for you.



Their Love for Dancing


You would not find many Colombian girls who would not know Salsa or Reggaeton or Bachata or any of the Caribbean coast dances. Dancing has become the integral part of Colombian culture.


I have heard one of my friends saying they love dancing because they see it as a way to escape from the violent past. They want to live their moments considering the fact that future is uncertain.

Deep Connection


I won’t confirm or acknowledge the thought as this is not the purpose of my writing.  It is just what I wanted to further share—you based on your own experience can or disagree.


Aguardiente – The Drink


Aguardiente is one the Colombian’s local but a very strong drink. I have been told by a friend of mine, the Colombian girls used to of that drink are usually the ones who are very social.


If you visit Colombia and your girl wish to have Aguardiente with you, enjoy it. But, try little amount of it – – Believe me, my friend told it gives you a very strong hang over.


Being in a foreign place, it will always be wise to stay in your sense rather than ending up with blame games.


Family and the Colombian Girls


Family is the major part of not only the Colombian culture but the overall South American’s culture in comparison to the North America.


If you intend to get into serious relationship with Colombian girls, you would have to meet their family and strive to win their hearts particularly the grandma.


Somebody said winning her mother would get you the greatest support in maintaining relationship with your Colombian girl.


You would find a mix of conservative and modern attitude with these Catholic belief based Colombian girls. Some would have very strict mom who would want them to be home by a particular time.


Family approval for a relationship would matter. This is nice in a way if you understand the care, support and concern shown by the family members.



Loyalty and Commitment


This was the most debatable part when I sat and talked with a group of friend who happened to date the Colombian girls.


Some were of the view that because they get lots of attention so this spoils them and they keep seeing more than one man.


However, I did have friends who are knotted to the Colombian girls as their wives or are still in a long term relationship.


Therefore, what I could conclude this experience could vary from person to person and will be highly based on their approach.


Obviously, if you land in the country and approach every possible good-looking Colombian girl that you see in the street to have a coffee with you with the intention to bring her to your bed, you will easily get those who would be your type.


Finding a serious and committed girl demands its share of patience and struggle. But you will find them if you look at the right place and have the right intention with respectable yet cheerful approach.


No Money Diggers


Again, the group was divided into two. One whining that they were caught by money diggers and some were totally opposite to them


The discussion ended up with a statement from a friend – if you reach to prostitutes and then would complain that why they charged you, would it be fair?


The fact is, don’t blame women for your loss. You yourself are responsible for it—good and bad people are everywhere. Depends who you are—remember? Diamond attracts diamond


I have got to know that Colombian girls are not much into money game.


Plastic Surgeries


To my surprise, somebody said the Colombian girls love giving new and attractive looks to their bodies. Plastic surgeries and enhancements are very common among Colombian girls.


You can find for yourself how true it is. Just need a visit or may be a Colombian friend to explain this to you.




Colombian girls are beautiful, charming and so love taking care of their men with all the passion. You have to decide for yourself if you are the men who deserve that care and passion.


Or who just belong to the crowd of those, who hear about exotic beauty, fall into the spell and runaway in the next holiday to get a taste of what they have heard.


What do you think?

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