Cuban Women dating guide

Why Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Good At Cuban Women


Cuban Women;

While talking to the people with their experience on dating the Cuban women, you will find yourself perplexed and scratch your head.


You will meet some people finding the gems during their search and living a happy life or you meet the grumbling guys confused why they have been left, cheated or similar.


You need a strong nerve and be ready to learn from both either positive or negative experiences. Nothing is guaranteed but your heedfulness, commitment, patience, and vigilance will determine your success or failure.


But, do not blame your luck or the Cuban women at the end. It plays smart or doesn’t play at all.


Cuba is a beautiful tropical island on the south of Florida inhabiting mixed ethnicities – Spanish roots, African descendants, and some sources claim to include some Asian and Soviet migrates.


Cuba is a Catholic and Orthodox Christian population, although the country is secular now and religion has no enforcement on its constitution.


Being under the Communist regime for a long time, the country has seen huge economic constraints. This, in turn, makes it people to struggle hard in order to get stay economically stable.


This was a just brief introduction of the country, although I forgot to mention the most important part of the introduction. That is, Cuba is a wonderful place for holidays and tourism because of its stunning beaches and more importantly equally stunning Cuban women.


Many of the western guys who are attracted by voluptuous women would love Cuba for that reason. The Cuba women are incredibly beautiful with their athletic or fit physique. The credit goes to the previous Communist regime that promoted sports and athletes.


But an ever going debate it the challenge to court the decent Cuban women – if it’s really a challenge or just that people have not got it right?


Well, yes apparently it is but what so it is with every man and women – challenges are everywhere –I always say – Precious thing doesn’t come easy


Let me share some findings that I have learned from my friends who have tried dating Cuban women.


Define your purpose of meeting the Cuban women

Back at the end of 2016, as the some of the traveling policies provided relaxation to Americans of visiting Cuba till Trump re-enforced them—there has been a huge flood of American, old to youngest guys attracted like a magnet to the Cuban women and the holiday spot.


I have received seen many of the young guys complaining back that they have been charged for just asking for pleasure. Well, my friend, this is what you have gone there.


I do not think any sensible guy would run into a prostitute in a drop of a minute. Or any sensible and decent guy would ask every other girl on the street to buy them a drink. Maintain a standard and you will probably meet the people of a standard.


That is the true huge percentage of Cuban women make money by spending time with foreigners. Many of them play emotional games on the ones who are serious but naive. So the key is to stay alert.

Deep Connection


If you are looking for a long-term relationship, don’t give into emotions right away. Watch and weight each statement of your girl. Giving money favors could be problematic for you and could be a signal that you are being trapped.

There are 100% loyal and passionate Cuban women

This is true. I have a friend who has been married to a Cuban lady and most of the time he is in travel owing to his business requirements. Even, then all difference could happen but he is never tempted to think that his wife is cheating on him.


So, if you are a success in finding the true Cuban mate, believe me, you have a treasure for life. They are educated, smart, passionate, career oriented as well as family oriented.


For this, you might need to make some effort. Maybe, would have to go through some tough or negative experiences but still if you think she is worth it, go for it.


Cuban Women are confident and very educated

Back during the tough times, it was the Cuban woman who worked really hard in helping her family members to meet their ends. Today, you will see their above 60% percentage of Cuban women into different professional fields of the country.


These women wear their individual identity with complete and admirable confidence. They would wear what they wish and they will behave the way they would wish.


But this doesn’t mean in any inappropriate way or being non-compliant with their state laws. This just means they are really direct or forward of what they think and feel.


Internet or Mobile Phone applications are no help

Cuba has very limited WIFI availability. Therefore online dating will not be a useful tool to meet you Cubans girlfriend. Many times, Cuban women have access to online dating sites. You can try, who knows if you get any luck.


Another thing for a foreigner is to know that trying to communicate with the Cuban dates through WhatsApp or other online phone apps will not work well in the country. They use landlines.


Also, better you call her anytime you want to talk to her. Texting is many times not among the affordable options for most of them.


Anyone except Americans guys has chances to be a tourist in Cuba

If you are Canadian, European, English or anyone other than American, you can visit the country. Being American can be tough due to some of the US federal policies.


But there are still many possible ways if you are completely in love with your Cuban girlfriend.


Being a foreigner, you should know Cuban people will treat you differently when you have to pay for something. For locals, the rate is in peso while for foreigners the rate will be CUC.


You will be highly welcomed by the people but just keep in mind staying alert is the key.


The Cuban government has provided its citizens with all survival facilities. Ration cards, free education, and healthcare. The only problem is low wage rate. This doesn’t let people buy themselves some entertainment.


Many Cuban women see the foreign guy as their time to enjoy the moments with their less exciting lives. That’s where you could be trapped but remaining attentive may lead you to find the love of your life.



I agree with many of my friends, dating the Cuban women is no easy game. For many who just visit the place to get laid receive what they seek by paying for it – A Fair Game.


Those who wish for a serious and long-term relationship, many have to work hard, stay focused, strong and determined throughout.


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