dating a Jamaican woman guide

Dating A Jamaican Woman; Begin Your Dating Adventure Today!


Dating a Jamaican woman could be different than dating a woman from any other country? I guess the answer would be the same as it could be for any region or a country.


We all know, the history and socio-economic culture, its political structure highly attributes to how people live their routine lives and see the matters associated with their lives.


Therefore, before thinking of dating a Jamaican woman we, who are not Jamaican by nationality, need to learn a little about the culture and the country to get a grasp of how things could be there.


Jamaica is an Island in the Caribbean with a tropical weather. The country attracts a great number of tourists from everywhere in the world but particularly from the United States who spend their holidays as it is one of the nearest holiday spots for Americans.


What do you think the reason for tourists’ attraction? Is it the tropical weather that keeps the place open for holidays around the year? Or is it the beautiful beach spots and the sun tanning opportunities?


Besides being a Caribbean Island, yes it draws the attention of the tourists who love tropical weather and beaches but it also has its beautiful attractive women that become the reason for many men to land in Jamaica and spend some time in there.


The dream of dating a Jamaican woman is often times away from games. This means, once you get into this it would be either this way or that. Everything is black and white, there is nothing in between.


Let us talk about some of the things that a foreigner should consider while thinking of dating a Jamaican woman.


African Origin – The Beauties of Color

Majority of the population from among 2.9 million people in Jamaica have African background. The women have smooth dark skin color and have a curvy physique which makes them among highly attractive women of the world.


I have read it somewhere that most of the times the white Caucasian guys find this skin tone very appealing. Someone once said the contrast of the skin’s tone is something that has led him to wish to date a Jamaican woman.


I am not sure how, other white or Western guys would see this but for some like the one mentioned above, it could be topmost reason visiting the place and meeting the Jamaican beauties.


This is also the fact that dark features are pretty likable by western men. So this is somewhere could have its true implications in the case I shared.


Commitment to Religious Beliefs

One could say that a Jamaican lady would be firm with her religious affiliation and beliefs. You would find most of them as God-fearing girls and they tend to grow in their faith with the time and believe in raising their kids and family accordingly with religious values.


This doesn’t mean they would push you to follow strict faith commitments but this is just that for their own selves it is one of the highly important things in their lives.


I am not applying it in general on every Jamaican woman as we all know that not all the fingers are equal. So is with different Jamaican women from different families but what all I heard is, that they have strong faith in the highest being.

Deep Connection


Commitment to a Relationship

Jamaican women are open and cheerful ladies. The love enjoying life but once she is showing her interest in spending time with you, it could be a signal that she looks for a commitment and wants to settle down with you.


Unlike American women, dating a Jamaican woman could be a pretty straightforward thing. They prefer settling down with the guy they feel comfortable and good with instead of wasting time with vague ideas about where they are in a relationship at one particular point.


If you start dating a Jamaican woman, you will be surprised to see how clear they are about what they want and where they are standing at some specific moment with their partner.


Once, committed to you, you will find them by your side almost always. They are the known for being faithful and loyal in a relationship.


Like Being Accepted for Who They Are

We all want someone in our lives who love us just for the reason of who we are. This is something you will find something to the core of a girl from Jamaica.


They have a strong sense of their identity and they embrace it with great pride. Someone, who tries pushing them down or tearing them apart from their own selves cannot stay in the game and will soon be kicked out from their life. Be real and let be real is the slogan among most Jamaican girls.


Jamaican women are usually true to themselves and to the person, they are standing in front of. Therefore, they will always expect you to appreciate them for who they actually are instead of showering them with artificial compliments which you also know are fake and are just for the sake of winning her side.


So, if you try to be overly nice, they will figure it out. Also, if they want to be the way they are, the same way they would want you to stay away from any pretention.


If you will maintain a real and respectful attitude, no doubt getting close to a Jamaican beauty won’t stay a dream anymore but will be turned into a mesmerizing reality.


Sensitive yet Aggressive

These are two different traits but are closely linked to a person from Jamaica Island. If you are dating a Jamaican woman, you are most likely to see both of these personality characteristics.


When I say sensitive, it means they have the tendency to sense the intentions of a man. So playing around would not work for those who love mind games. This will not only take the Jamaican girl away from you but you might have to see the repercussions.


I pointed out towards consequences in relation to their expected aggressive response. Don’t ever think, you can easily get away from a negative situation which you are responsible to create on purpose. Jamaican woman knows to speak loud for their rights or if they are screwed up.


Caring, Cheerful and Passionate

What else a man could wish when he has a smiling lady by his side who likes taking care of him. When she is around, there are lively vibes in the air. Laugh splendors everywhere. This is how one could feel while dating a Jamaican girl.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will always remain in the same environment all the times else it will be a monotony and I know nobody likes monotony.  But yes this is one of the sides of most Jamaican girls. This is how they are in their families.


They love laughing together. They are mostly social people and can easily get themselves adjusted to others around. So your Jamaican girl helps ease the environment when there is silence and you struggle with finding something to say.


Apart from that, Jamaican girls like taking care of their men. They will love cooking great food for you and be helping you out with other house chores. They tend to be real partners in almost everything you do instead just being dominant or eating out your energy and money.


When I said passionate, I meant getting into a relationship with a Jamaican girl means she will put all her interest and efforts in working through that. You will find honesty and passion in each of her action towards you.


Again, things vary from person to person so don’t generalize but this is mostly known in the cases of dating a Jamaican woman.


A Promising Connection

I have already told you about their passion and commitment towards the person they date. It is the same thing that is connected to the previous traits of their personalities.


Once you start seeing a Jamaican girl, you will see that instead of directly getting into the bed with you, she will try t develop and find out some connecting points. Although, you may not find it very hard to get along with her on your first dates still chemistry is something very important for the girls from Jamaica.


So taking her right away to your bedroom on the first date is not going to happen in Jamaica unless and until you have met some professional girls in this business.


I read this advice somewhere, pick up some public space good enough to carry out some conversation in order to understand each other. That’s what Jamaican women expect the most.


They mostly would like to build it from there and see if you guys can see each other again and find out the possibility of a relationship. Quick hangouts are not a very Jamaican thing. They like settling down and raising a family with their chosen partner.


So, yes if you think about dating a Jamaican woman, be prepared that you may come across someone who wishes to see having a relationship with you for a long-term rather than quick hookups or spending times just as a lover.

dating a Jamaican woman guide

Stereotypes could be Devastating for your Relation

You have to be aware of the fact that being a foreigner, dating a Jamaican woman means cultural differences or there could be a certain image of you as an American, European, African or Asian.


I have heard from most westerners especially the American, they are quite skeptical about. She may trust you but then the people she is close to push her learn as much as possible about you before arriving at any conclusion.


They believe American men are not good with commitments in a relation. So, if you wish of dating a Jamaican woman, you first have to find out her views about you as a foreigner.


Then build your actions carefully upon those views and prove to her that you are sincere and honest towards what you wish to get in with her.


If you don’t do that, you will leave the room for her to trust what people and her close friends or family think about you than to trust you. The best way to avoid any such problem is to bring it to a conversation in a polite and respectful manner.


Make her feel comfortable and let her open up about the subject and this will help you understand her. Not only that but it will give you a chance to explain your actual intentions to her. She really has the appetite for a true relation so it will work as a warming up exercise to your relation.


Partnership Roles

Dating a Jamaican woman has picked up some mixed characteristics. First, they are independent in most cases. You do not have to worry about managing your financial expenses as she may like to share the responsibility with you.


Most of the girls in there are raised in a manner that they can take care of themselves but if you are financially stable and take care of her needs that would be a plus for her.


Second, at home, although she can impressively manage all domestic aspects she does wish a man who is sensitive about it and willing to do his part of share with her as she is willing not only to look at his wallet for her expenses or your mutual expenses.


Third, dating a Jamaican girl does mean that she is the same like you in her social role. She can be a dad to her kids if needed. She can fight with you in a loud tone and you may not get the courage to face that.


So this means, if someone thinks of dating a Jamaican woman, they should be ready to share the things not in an American woman way but in Jamaican manner.


And what is Jamaican way, I have already explained but to learn more you have started dating a Jamaican woman.


Fantasy Vs Reality

As much as I have learned, dating a Jamaican woman means living in the reality. At least, she lives in the reality.


They are quite practical people by nature and like all the woman, Jamaican girls are not an exception to dream and fantasy but still, they tend to be very practical and relationships mean quite a serious or important matter to them.


And again, I would repeat the same that said above. The girls from Jamaica are pretty much good sensing fake comments or intentions. So if you lack passion or sincerity in a relation, you may find it difficult to move along.


On her part, if she likes you and interested in you, she would never hesitate to tell you that. If you are interested in her and let her know about it, she will appreciate it and believe me this would mean quite a lot to her.


This establishes the fact that they value concrete and deep relations over something shallow and that is not supposed to stay for long.


Wrapping Up

I tried giving you some overview of how it could be like dating a Jamaican woman. They are usually mature, dark featured curvy beauties.


They are a mix of sensitive, passion, care, charm, loyal, aggressive, Independent and practical personalities. In one woman you may find one feature more dominating than the other and in the other, it will be the opposite.


The crux is you have to use your mind and heart both in the game of dating a Jamaican woman. Mind to understand her and make yourself understand her, and the heart to be affectionate and honest with her.


Settling down and having a family is important to any of those girls. So you might have to come up as a guy that convinces her that would like to build a family with.


Rest again depends on an individual person and the situation. All girls may not think the same so, it’s up to you to explore. I have my good wishes to you!


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