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The Complete Guide How To Date With Dominican Girls Fast!


Dominican girls are at the heart of the Caribbean Islands of Latin America. Known for the exotic and sight-bounding looks, they are one of the attractions for White Westerners to visit the country.


I, along with my beauty admirers would not feel the slightest hesitation to admit that Dominican women are one among the most attractive women in the world.


Dominican girls are the ideal barbies for the guys who dream to date voluptuous lovely dolls. But be mindful, the barbies can become a nightmare if you lose your caution.


This is another side of the story. Finding the right Dominican girl for dating could be a real challenge or at least, not an easy job on earth. I will list down a few basic tips for you to date the Dominican women and from there onwards, you can take your lead to explore further.


Introduction to Dominican Girls

Dominican Republic (DR) is the Island with mixed exotic ethnicities. According to resources, 16 percent of the population is white, 11 percent are black and 73 percent are mixed.


1-Skin Tone

You therefore, after landing in DR will come across girls with different colors- light skin, dark skin and more as well as less tanned. All sized and shapes etc.


A fact is, a great shape is inherited by majority of Dominican girls but not the pretty faces.


2-Ethnicity or the Race


Racial beliefs are at peak in Dominican culture. The Dominican women with lighter or white skin tone are from European settlers and are considered as high class, whereas the girls with darker skin tone and curly hair are the African descendents.


3-Inclination towards Economic Status


Dominican girls in particular and the society as a whole pay a huge attention to one’s economic status. Show off of your wealth will give you a lot more respect and acceptance than a humble attitude towards your living style and monetary possessions.


Meeting the Dominican Girls

meet dominican girls


1-Online dating


Deep Connection

There are several ways to look for your curvy Barbie. There are several internet sites that would allow you to chat with Dominican girls and pave your way to meet them.


You have to maintain your patience as many of the money-looting girls and fake people use online dating to their advantage. Use it just to understand the person without offering any financial support of any kind.


Just remember – there is no shortcut for good things in life and in this case, “for pretty Dominican girls in life”.


2-Visit to the Country


You will not regret if you choose DR to spend your holidays in an exotic Island. Trust me, the place is not less worth spending vacations. So, it’s not at all the bad idea if besides relaxing your mind in a beautiful Island, you will find a mate of your life.


This however, could be hectic. During a short visit and with intention to meet a girl friend, you may become hurried. This, in turn can lead you tumbling into the wrong or person- The person, who potentially tends to give you a hard time.


An advice is to, spend adequate time in the land of exotic Dominican girls and try meeting them in your routine activities – working out at gym, shopping at mall


Santiago and Santo Domingo are the best recommended cities by my friends who have been there for their Dominican Girls’ search. Try these.


Avoid night games instead, go for day time regular and routine activities.


3-Looking for Dominican Girls in your own vicinity


This could be one of the options but it is rare that single Dominican girls would be living outside their country without a partner. Still, you can try your luck. It may prove to be the best and the least expensive way to meet your Dominican girl.


Do’s and Don’ts


1-Beware of Gold-diggers


This is the first and foremost caution when it comes to dating Dominican girls. Not everybody is same but this skill has been developed by huge percentage of Dominicans girls.


I once learnt from a friend than from the age of 9, many of the Dominican girls start looking for the funding partners. It won’t be uncommon thing that more than one or two guys would be supporting that girl for her all different kind of expenses.


Another friend of mine said, “keep a distance from chapiadora” – the word used for gold diggers. But, in DR it’s way more than that. Extracting the money from a guy is something that many pro and semi pro Dominican girls do.


It is an Art for them. It is said; the gullible you arrive but while leaving you either will gain an eagle’s diligence and sight or will never think of dating a woman again.


Also remember, Alpha guys can survive or have chances of success. Beta males have to work on themselves before they land into the business.


2-Learn some Spanish

meet dominican girls

High class girls are good at English. Although, the language is not a very big challenge for communication but it is always good to have some basic understanding of the local language.


  • First, it will help you obtain friends and social networking easily
  • Second, it will also serve as warning system is if your intuitions are waking up.


These friends that you have gained in DR, may help you connect with your potential Dominican girlfriend–Possibly their cousin or sister etc.  There is no other best way to meet a girl through a trusted source.


3- Bachata & Merengue


The Dominicans girls love dancing. If you learn the Bachata & Merengue, it will support you in winning the heart of your Dominican girl. Even you just show the willingness and that will be enough good be appreciated by her.


Good news is, Bachata and Merengue are easier than Salsa.


4- Try setting dates in Place near your stay


It is always advisable to set your date with Dominican girls in the place near to stay–Just one of the cautions that you have to adhere to.


  1. Learn about their kids


Around 50% of the Dominican girls are single moms. Try learning out about it as soon as you can in as polite manner as you can. Complaining later won’t work when you will be asked to support the kids


6-Stay away from being a mobile charity


If you hear some emotional story from the one of the Dominican girls-somebody from her family is hospitalized or something similar, don’t give into emotions and sympathy.


They say it is not about if you will be asked for money but it is that how soon and for how much. So don’t drop your guards.



That has been all from me for now. You now have to take your own steps to learn more. I wish you luck with an advice. so take all the details from this article and all the tips for dating a Dominican woman seriously, So I’m sure you’ll succeed.


Never generalize but never take prudence light. Keep your eyes and ears open along with your heart while meeting or dating the Dominican girls.


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