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Filipina Women; How To Date With Filipino Women Today!


How To Date With Filipina Women, Here’s the answer, keep reading.


Dating or marrying Filipina women could be an experience of a lifetime for a person if he meets his right choice. The reason is, Filipinas are the great mix of different ethnicities and cultures and that makes them one of the best spouses or dating partners in the world.


The Filipina women have received the influence of their genes and culture from Indonesians, Malays, Spain and then they are the ones quite inclined to western culture in many different ways.


So, you will find some great values, amazing passion, and warmth for relations, dark-featured beauty queens and heart filling liveliness and care. Yes, that is what all one can expect if they think or decide to date Filipina women.


Let’s talk those details that a person should know about Filipina women if they are interested in dating them.




Online Dating Sites – There is no shortage of online dating sites where you can meet and talk Filipina women of all ages and status. You just have to type in Google and you will find lists and list of those options where you can start communicating with the girls and women from the Philippines.


For those men who have the desire to find a Filipina beauty but they either can’t afford flying to the Philippines or have some other reasons that are holding them to go there and meet them in person, can pick up this option.


Online communication has lots of its benefits at its side – first, that it will give you leverage with managing your time. At your own convenience, you can register and log in to any online dating site and start interacting with a number of Filipino women with a wide range of options available to you at the same time.


Another advantage is that doesn’t cost you much money but you just need an internet connection and access to the dating site. Lastly, it gives some idea about the person before you start interacting with them in person or in real.


This means you have more time to think and assess and evaluate your communication and association with the person you have just met through an online dating site.


If you change your mind and would want to stop it then and there, you won’t need much sugar coated words or to worry about how you will call it off. Just type a line that ‘you are not interested or you don’t think you have something common’ and game over.


The negative side of this online communication would be that you have to put a lot of effort into keeping it alive. There are a lot of chances that it goes sparkles and your girls would feel less interested in it.


filipina women the best guide


There could be more chances of misunderstanding and misinterpretations as being from different cultures. So you have to be yourself but at the same time very much careful of what and how you say or ask something.


Also, there are high chances that you meet some scams as the internet is the most convenient way being used for this purpose. Just pay heed closely to your conversations and communication. Be positive but stay alert.


Visiting the Philippines – If you choose to visit the place and try meeting Filipina women right in person and at the spot then, I can assure you would love your days as long as you would stay there.

Deep Connection


It’s a worth visiting place in East Asia with beautifully natured habitats. The lovely scenery in your surroundings, a great Catholic history and then delicious a wide variety of food but at the top are the lively pretty Filipina women.


I was watching a short video that was uploaded by a world traveler. The most beautiful thing that guy highlighted was the hospitality and the support by the locals to a foreigner.  He actually needed not much money to manage his food. He was being offered with free food in the streets.


Of course, it will not be the case for every other foreigner who will land in the country but this is an indication of warmth and care that people show to an outsider. So if you starting dating Filipina women, that quality will be reflective of your relationship in its own way.


Let’s come straight to the point now. You are interested in Filipina women and are now in the country. You will mainly meet two kinds of women. 1. Go- go, girls, scammers or money diggers and the other will be decent Filipino women who are genuine and looking for their western boyfriend or husband.


If you don’t want to be scammed, be careful while approaching bar girls. I am not saying all bar girls could be money diggers and this why I said BE CAREFUL, instead of staying away from bars and clubs.


You have a high potential meeting some nice girl in such places as Filipina women in particular and the people there in general love singing and dancing. We will talk about this in a later section.


But, the best strategy is to look around in routine activities—Like, talking to the girl who somehow met you at her work or in the shopping mall or in the library or in the park, etc.


One advantage of visiting the place and meeting in person is that you have several other ways to assess the personality of the woman you meet. You can gauge their interest through their facial expressions, voice tones, and body gestures.


These were the two main ways to make you access Filipina women. Each has its own advantages and limitations. You can pick one that suits you better. Now let’s talk about how it would be while being with your Filipina girl or approaching her for dating purpose.




Educated and Good at English – Philippines is one of those East- Asian countries where people have some western influence and they are quite good at English.


Most of the Filipina women are educated and supporting themselves or their families by working locally or abroad. Therefore if you go to that place, finding an educated beautiful girl who is smart and intelligent will not be a big deal.


Religious Values – the Philippines is a Catholic country and you will find most of the people strictly abiding by the Catholic norms. They hold great regard for their religious values.


If you happened to date anyone among Filipina women, you will have to be careful and respectful of their religious beliefs. Although they don’t necessarily date the Catholic men they do expect, whoever the person would be and whatever faith they belong to, they will be respectful towards her religion.


Conservative and Shy – This is a general perception that I have heard about Filipina women. Talking openly about their sexuality is not very common in that culture. Most of the girls keep themselves safe for their marriage and talk openly with the guy who they think, will spend their life with them.


But this does not apply to every girl you meet from the Philippines. It depends on the brought up environment or family of the girl. Most girls get into dating and relationships in their late teens or early 20s –this is what I have been told by a Filipina girl.


Excluding paid or majority of bar girls, you shouldn’t expect one night stands from Filipina women. They look for a partner for life, raise a family and take care of it until the end of their lives.


Family Oriented – In Philippines, if you get into a relationship that will be expected to eventually lead towards marriage. They are one-man women.


Following the Catholic teachings, there is no concept of divorce among Filipina women and that is actually reflected in the marriage laws of the country.


In the west, we all know that if something goes wrong with the marriage or if you later realize that was a mistake, you have all the rights to redo the things. But in Filipina women’s land, there is no such thing as redo in marriage.


They are faithful, loyal and caring towards their partner. They know how to run and raise a family. This is why it will not be an issue for you or her. But if you do not support the life-long commitment, think twice else you will be heading towards breaking the heart the sweetheart who once was so special for you.


Close Knit Families – Another aspect of Filipino land is their close family bonding. They care for their families. They have their fathers, cousins, grandparents, and Godfathers and they go very well with all of them.


They are highly family oriented people and without families, they feel something missing in their lives. I would rather say it will leave your girl dull and gloomy if you try keeping her away from her family.


Therefore, It is important to develop a good connection with the family of the girl if you think you would want to have a long-term relationship with her.


Filipino Women and Food – I have not a single percent hesitation saying that Philippines love food and the mother teaches this to their daughter since the very start.


Suppose you are invited to some event, it is impossible that you would have just two or three dishes on the table. You will have a lot to choose from and that would have been cooked in just a very short period of time.


So, marrying Filipino women means, you will never go hungry as she will never let you so.


Karaoke – I have met about five people from the Philippines so far – men and women both and trust me, there was none among them who didn’t talk about karaoke during parties that they have organized at their homes.


Filipinos love singing and karaoke. If you are invited by them, you will surely have to join them with singing, no matter how bad you consider yourself with this. They have kept songs books for that purpose, indicating how crazy they are for it.


Filipino Women and the Men – Most of the Filipina women are looking for their foreign prince. The top reason is financial stability that they connect with a westerner while being in a relationship/marriage with him.


This doesn’t mean, they are gold diggers and always after your money but we all know, it’s a desire of any women that her husband/partner is financially stable so he can look after his family in future.


So don’t look down on them for this but yes be careful from those who are merely after your wallet. A wise can easily sense them. Plus, they are not very much concerned about your age. And the gap of 8-10 years isn’t seen as some bad thing.


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Wrap up – Filipina Women, the Best Spouses


Everybody has different standards of beauty and if you are among those who are attracted by East- Asian beauty, Filipina is the best girl in this frame.


They are beautiful, educated, intelligent and passionate towards their relations. They are loyal as well excluding some exception that are everywhere in every country or culture.


They would love to stand by your side while meeting the demands of your family once you are married. They will not only work but also remarkably manage the household responsibilities. They love kids and they know who to take care of them.


They are lively, passionate and you will find them smiling most of the times. A friend of mine from there told me, that if they feel like crying they close the door and shed tears, otherwise in public they put a big smile on their faces because they believe in spreading joy.


I will encourage you if you have a thought to date or marry a Filipina girl. Join an online dating site or visit the country, form a friendship, start getting knowing her and decide for the one with the best match for you. I wish you luck with that.


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