Georgian Women; What Everyone Is Saying About Georgian Women Today!


Georgian women; The more you move towards East on the global map in Europe the more dating patterns contract and it is same for Georgian women in the country of Georgia.


Georgia is a small country and lies at the crossroads of Eastern Asia and Western Europe.  It is bordered by Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It also remained under the long period of Russian Empire.


The country reflects highly conventional and traditional approach towards gender and their roles in a society excluding the new generation in the big cities of the country.


The country has great food and wine, beautiful landscape and the great warm people full of hospitality for foreigners or their guests. Being a foreigner one needs to spend some time in understanding the cultures and living patterns of the people and society.


I personally have not been to Georgia but before I pen down my learning for the people who are interested in dating Georgian women or in the dating culture of the land as a whole, I would like to say that it is not meant to judge anyone or to exaggerate the facts in the way.


While with my efforts to figure out and expand my knowledge on dating Georgian women subject, I have come across a wide range of Georgian people responding aggressively and harshly to the observations made by the foreigners.


This is, therefore, to mention it is just for the sake of sharing without any purpose of highlighting and negatives or positives, drawing recommendations for the local Georgians or commenting in any manner on the way they have woven their social and cultural patterns.


This is one of the facts that dating Georgian women for a Western guy from Western Europe or the US are no easy game. You really have to spend considerable time along with in-depth patience and respect towards the culture in order to understand how the things work.


Following are some of the main highlights that being a foreigner; one has to pay attention to.


Georgian women guide

Land with deep Conventions and Traditions


Once you make up your mind to date Georgian women, you would have to draw a sheer line between shallow and deep. We have to admit that in Western societies in order to integrate the freedom and equality within the society many of us have completely flip the side.


Where Elderly Would Wish to See Values- Many foreign guys when placing their feet into Georgia, faces the great cultural shock. They are used to of seeing the things from a different perspective so Georgia sounds complex to them.


The quick mistake they make is generalizing that Georgian women are conventional, very much modest in picking up what they wear and believe in patriarchal patterns.


This is somehow true but they have to understand, there is a lot to understand the appearance and what appears is not always true or just doesn’t have one layer to unfold.


This is why I would tell you its way more than that. It is not always a quick cause and result relationship.


You have to first empty yourself from all prejudices and what you already do in your society, place yourself like a naive in the country and learn how they see different things and why it is like that.


I am sure you understand the importance of the sayings “In Rome do as the Romans do”. Of course, I am not asking you to follow it literally but yes pay close attention and learn to earn respect by living under their social norms or you will have nothing left but to complain.


But Guests do have Responsibility– I have heard people are really friendly and warm in the country. You will ask for some information and they will help to all possible extent they can.


Met the Georgian women, like one of them and want to extend acquaintances with them? You will have to keep in mind meeting her family and friends will not be an exception.


Families are closely bonded and know each other’s affairs. You will be invited to family meals and then it’s your time to present yourself and show respect. This is now your take on how you work on it.


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Young Georgian Women from Tbilisi and Cities alike


The young generation is not exactly following the traditional trends as the ones from previous. Moreover, the transformation phase is in progress in Georgia, particularly in the large cities.


Georgian women, in general, have to fight for their rights if they are aware of their rights. Many young girls are now struggling with old traditional ways and dream to get an independent life.


There was a girl from Rural Georgia who shared her story. After her father divorced her mother, she didn’t have anywhere to go and she also was not able to earn for herself.


That situation made them dependent on rest of the family and not being in a position to contribute anything financially to the family. The role of traditional Georgian women is upbringing of kids and taking care of domestic matters at home.


So many women with conventional thinking pattern and conservative areas of Georgia either pick this way as a choice or have no option but to depend on a man or family for living and to be taken care of her and her kids.


But in general, the existence of extremely conventional traditions reduces the potential of a woman as a person. This varies from family to family. Many families are now having progressive thoughts. Like the girl who shared her story.


She later talked about her father (not sure if her mother remarried or same father) who is very supportive and now she is studying at a university, and working as well.


Her dream is to lead an independent life. This is a sign that women are or tend to take a steering wheel in the families.


On the other hand, there are girls in Tbilisi the Capital and some other cities that are well enjoying their lives. Have freedom and resources and make their own decisions to a greater extent.


In addition to that various studies and other steps related to women, rights are making their way in the society. So things somewhere deep under the ocean are changing but it will take time for Georgian women to become completely Independent.


Dating and Courtship with Georgian Women


This is again different from place to place and family to family. But the general rule is courtship is a preferred word than dating for a typical Georgian girl. However, there are many Georgian girls in the capital city who are into dating, both long-term, and short-term.


More than Just Being an Opposite Gender: Georgian women don’t merely go for the looks or the financial status of a guy. They would want to know if he is an interesting person and if they have potential to get along in the long run.


A line from a Georgian lady married to the American man; “It is just the matter of meeting the right person at the right time”.


Sex Tourism and Georgia: One girl said, if you are a 60 years old rich sex tourist and think you will win a 20 years old Georgian girl for adding to your experience of “dating girls from around the world”, then better don’t waste your time.


Georgia is not a country for sex tourists where you can get a girl just to have company and pleasure for your holiday from a business. The Georgian women value morals over money and empty feelingless pleasures.


However, paid services are readily available. There are Thai massage parlors that offer a range of services.


No always doesn’t mean No–I read this saying about Georgian women, “when she says no, she means maybe; when she says maybe, she means yes and; when she says yes, she is not a woman”.


This is another reason I told you not just to deduce conclusions just on the apparent situations. Things might be different deep down. Work out to learn if she really means what she is saying.


Nightlife and Georgian Women–In the villages or rural side of the country, you will not find and nightclubs but in cities like Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi, there are several main and underground clubs.


Some of the other points that I learned were;


  • Georgian men and Georgian women do not stand in the same row when it comes to the gender roles and rights.


  • Women discreetly are set aside and their role is more associated with childbearing. It is still like Middle Ages for women (taking out girls from big cities).


  • Till the late 90s, feminism was a taboo or exotic concept, however now certain reforms and proposals are being made to empower women.


  • Maintain virginity until marriage is something expected from a Georgian girl but again the girls in Tbilisi are related cities are enjoying their sexual rights. This is however opposite for men. They are free about the matter.


  • Women prefer stylish and fashionable clothes over sexy and revealing dresses.


  • The traditional pride in masculinity or macho style is deeply rooted in the region. Most of the Georgian men inherit prudish, conservative and chauvinist mentality.


  • Georgian men look for virgin Georgian women for courtship and marriage. However, when they marry somebody outside Georgia, this rule doesn’t apply.


  • Georgian people are warm and friendly. Racism and bigoted attitudes are not known much in the place.


  • Educated Georgian women could be seen as the drivers or bringing sensitive issues on the surface and changing the traditional conservative patterns suppressing the women there.


  • If you court Georgian women, moving in prior to the marriage would not be acceptable in the society.




Georgia is a beautiful country and amazingly hospitable people and so you would find the Georgian women. The country at the moment is conventional and holds deep-rooted traditions—some great and some highly oppressive for women.


Transformation is occurring as a gradual process and a younger generation is taking the lead. Georgian women nowadays are more knowledgeable, independent, working and most importantly understanding the existing issues.


All, I would say at the end is, respect and be sensitive before putting any tags or generalizing anything on anyone. Rest, I hope would be an exciting journey for your dating a Georgian woman.


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