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Hot Swedish Girls: The Perfect Guide How To Date With Them Today!


Hot Swedish girls;

There is a great hype in the media about the hot Swedish girls and their stunning beauty throughout the Western countries.  This, in turn, has left the beauty chasers with a curiosity and several questions in order to plan their next trip to Sweden.


Also, there are people who have spent their time in Sweden with the Swedish girls and each one had a different experience.  As always, for some, it works well and others find it is a mystery.


I have prepared a few questions based on the majorly known stereotypes with my input in response. I intend to keep them open for further input and discussion from you who already have a Swedish partner or those who have spent some time in Sweden.


Also, I would welcome any local Swede to write me to add more to my post if they think something needs more elaboration or attention.


To those who don’t know much about Sweden, it’s a Scandinavian country and a land of thousands of coastal Islands. Stockholm, the capital is built on 14 islands with more than 50 bridges.


That was one-liner about the land, now let’s get started with the hot Swedish girls who are given with title of angles on the earth. Going with flow my first question is;


Are the Hot Swedish Girls really the Angles on the planet?


There are several sources on social and other media that claim Swedish women are top-ranked in the attractiveness among the world women. I would say where there is a fire there would be some smoke.


There were an article writer and worldwide traveler. He wrote his experience about hot Swedish girls’ myth. According to him, during his stay, he met the most beautiful ladies of his life—tall, well in shape and healthy.


These three elements were his points on the scale of ranking beauty of a woman. Also, he was an American so he was trying to compare the hot Swedish girls with the girls back in a home.


Similar to him, I came across the views of many other American fellows who have rated Swede very attractive and beautiful.


For some obviously, it wasn’t the same but usually, the base is a comparison. One of the travelers quoted facts about the US, being the fattest country on the planet and so, the women are. So whenever they see a physically fit and healthy lady that attracts them.


For rest of the fellows, some were agreeing but 70% were of the view that it is just the media hype. The girls are average. According to someone who had spent some time in Sweden, the media uplifted hot Swedish girls.


These girls are somewhere between tall and large masculine American women and in-shape along with model-look like Russian ladies. Quote from one person – Sweden is the fattest country among all Scandinavian countries.


One thing I forgot to mention, that the immigrants from the Middle East and Africa have given Sweden some more nice looks. You can find some pretty immigrant women in the country but watch out they could be a little bit snobby, again someone told me that.


Feminism, Feminism and Political Correctness – How Far the Hot Swedish Girls have taken it?


Sweden is a country that has given equal rights and opportunities to their both men and women. The concept of equality is everywhere and is very much reflective of their lifestyles and the way things are being carried out.


In politics, you will find an equal percentage of women and therefore, the rights of women are always protected. To some of the guys, it seems like the feminism concept has gone to an extreme.


When it comes to political correctness, you have to be careful in your discussion while being on your dates with the hot Swedish girls. They more or less follow Denmark’s attitude in this regard.


It would be great if you talk about travel, music, and movies instead of other serious topics. Also, you should need to be straight to the point instead of moving around the topics.


Swedes have subtle culture, and they always look for logic and optimization usually in public spheres. Therefore it is very important to maintain a decent and acceptable look if you wish to attract a Swede girl.


Chivalry in some cases isn’t dead yet. If you will bring her flowers or open the door for her first, it would still be appreciated. But in terms of splitting bills, you may offer to pay but is she wants to pay for herself, don’t insist then.


Public health care and welfare systems are very strong in Sweden and that has given the women the benefit of being independent. They are educated and very much fluent in English. So you don’t have to worry about if some girls are chasing you for your money.


Drinking—where do Hot Swedish Girls Stand?


Drinking alcohol is very common in Sweden. They have taken it 4 times higher than an average person. So if on a date, your girl tends to drink more than you, do not be surprised.


Moreover, it is also said that Swedish guys are more of a beta nature. They usually use drink to be engaged in long conversations with their girls but girls stand nowhere behind men in drinking. This is more common in college going age individuals and a little bit older than this.


So, just bear in mind before dating a Swede that you will keep enjoying heavily drinking parties by generous hosts because of their excessive drinking habits.


Are Hot Swedish Girls the Marriage Material?


First of all, if you will ask a question phrased this way from a feminist woman, it will be backfired on you. ‘Material’ is very objectifying in nature. But yes, still I understand what do you mean here.


So, about 99 percent of guys who have dated Swede girls are of the view, that because of their open and friendly nature it’s not that difficult to get a Swede girl but it is definitely a hard work to keep them.


The divorce rate is quite high in Sweden and also most of the people are not getting into marriages. Their home and accommodation structures are the evidence in this matter.


According to a brief article published by BBC, Swedes are less conventional than other nationalities so living a single life or giving value to Individual Independence over married life is by choice.


If some marriage doesn’t seem to work, they simply can take off their hands from it. So, it is an easier attitude towards marriage in Sweden.


Lifelong relationships are not very much common these days but there are people who are chosen to live together for a year either for their kids or just because they wanted to make it work.


One more hurdle towards maintaining a long-term relationship with the hot Swedish girls is, understand them. For a foreigner, it is most of the times a mystery to understand a Swede girl. They are fun, they are friendly but in the long run, they are complicated.


Some Other Stereotypes about Hot Swedish Girls


  • The reason that gives a healthy and fit look to Swedes is their healthy lifestyle and public health care and welfare systems.
  • In Sweden, it is usually fake not the dating—explore it further
  • Swedes are quite awkward at socializing; they usually maintain their own circles for socialization
  • Most young girls with boyfriend think it to be good to have some experience with the bad boys in order to understand what they really want before settling down with their real boyfriend.
  • Commitment and no-cheating is something that is hard to be guaranteed if you are seeing a Swede girl but remembers, not everybody is same.
  • There is no phrase like “gender roles’ among Swedes. So if a girl comes and ask you out and take initiatives in a relationship, this shouldn’t be a surprise for you.
  • The girls are the initiative takers in a relationship in Sweden. The reason is that mostly Swede men are a beta type and also the girls don’t think there is something that man should do and they shouldn’t.
  • Swede girls like Americans. Even if you approach without telling her about your nationality, let her guess and she will recognize your accent – Thanks to learning English from the age of six and watching lots of Hollywood stuff.




So, what I could conclude is, it varies from person to person. For some, hot Swedish girls are true and for some, it is a just a media-led silly viral vibe. It’s all about how a person sees the beauty and what attracts them based on their background.


Finding something short-term is easier than to look for a marriage or long-term as the trend of a marriage of declining in the country. Also, the state governed rules are supportive for both genders if they want to part their ways in a marriage.


Sweden is a liberal society and so are the Swede girls. They are healthy, educated and politically correct many times, hard to retain but really fun and nice company if you meet them.


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