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How To Approach A Girl On Facebook? That Success Is Guaranteed!


How to approach a girl on facebook could be an intimidating question for a lot of guys who have never done that before or those are with honest intentions about a girl.


The desperate attitude of majority of online narcissist and other crazy attitudes have made the situation difficult for genuine men.

as well to break the ice and to get into a meaningful conversation with a girl they are feeling attracted to and want to approach her through some online possible means.


Of course Facebook seems the easiest way when you have already identified someone, as these days there are very less chances of somebody not using the social media sites like Facebook.

But then comes the time when they get stuck with the question of how to approach a girl on Facebook.


On one side these days when social media has become a blessing to stay connected with your loved ones from around the world without spending any significant cost on it, then on the other side it has posed some considerable amount of threats to less careful communication.


Although, Facebook management team has given a due heed to security and content sharing policy based on the users’ interests but still, according to CNN, there exist 83 million fake profiles.


These profiles many times create problems for the people who are not well aware of stingy situation.


My purpose is not to criticize or to promote facebook as it is already a very useful platform and being used by millions on people worldwide. According to recent statistics, there are 2.07 billion monthly active users on facebook.


Other reports and analysis also share the segregation on the basis of age and gender. The ratio of females is reported higher than that of males while there isn’t any huge gap and, the age group that is more into facebook use starts ranges from 18-34 years.


Also it has given to a huge plus to business sector and millions of businesses are using it as a marketing platform.


Putting all these facts in here were meant to give you an idea of how much this application has taken over the lives of people and has almost become the integrated part of their lives.


Some sources have claimed that in every second, five new profiles are created. 300 million photos are uploaded every day. This is besides other content sharing.


Therefore thinking of initiating a conversation with a girl on Facebook is not at all a bad idea. But then when it comes to how to approach a girl on Facebook, this becomes a little difficult. As, you have to present yourself as someone acceptable to the one they are going to contact.


You have to prove yourself that you have not that same intentions as majority of the online playboys or game players have. We know that facebook as a platform for meeting and getting in touch by men and women have earned a mixed reputation.


Good and bad both, while the graph on the bad side is higher when you hear about the mishaps or other nonsense games that people fall victim of.


Here I have gathered some of the most practical and decent suggestion for you if you are caught by the same situation and, are here asking the Google for help with your very specific question on how to approach a girl on facebook. Let’s find out how my gathered information could be of your help.

Deep Connection


Tip 1 – How to Approach a Girl on Facebook – Prepare yourself


Although each part is critical having its own place in the thread of this small guide post on how to approach a girl on Facebook, but trust me reaching out to a girl using Facebook is no different than trying contacting her in real life where your first impression matters.


You ought to be well-prepared and presentable and in our case it is your profile that has to be presentable. What do I mean by presentable? This means, your profile should look natural. Do not use dummy profiles to contact a girl that you are seriously interested in.


I have seen a lot of men using a dummy profile. They use it to reach out to every girl they think can lend them herself for some fun. I call them the desperate losers who have not been successful in having a woman by their side in real life.


So don’t try to be one of them. Use a regular profile to contact her. Here I am not focusing on the “how to contact” but we will talk about it later. This regular profile will give her a sense that you are genuine and have no malicious intention behind approaching her.


This will be become the first step encouraging her to respond you. Remember, your activities, your friend list and your posts speak a lot about you and your personality. Keep in mind before, adding you or responding you, she will go through your profile and possibly will check out each minor details.


Tip 2 — How to Approach a Girl on Facebook – Go through Her Profile


As I said that your Facebook speaks a lot about yourself, including your friend list, your posts and shares, the post you were tagged in, your responses and comments, in short your activity and the details that you have entered in there tell the other person who you are.


They create an image on the basis of this information if they don’t know you very well. You can do so. You can assess her personality, her likes and dislikes by seeing the posts that she shares. This is when we say, do your homework first.


These both of these two tips are your homework to in making progress to the answer of How to approach a girl on Facebook.


Checking-out her profile may help you decide on your next step. Creating an image based on the information you see on the Facebook page, you may think of moving forward and connecting with her or you may think that there is nothing much common between you and think of stepping back from your earlier thought.


Tip 3 – How to Approach a Girl on Facebook – Three Different Situations


There could be three different scenarios with you when you seriously feel like asking yourself – how to approach a girl on Facebook. These could be;


  1. She is in the contact List of any of your contacts: The times could be that you noticed her in any of the post on your friend’s wall or you have just stumbled upon her profile while exploring your friend’s contact list. There could be many more situations where this is the case when she doesn’t have any idea about your existence—Starting everything from scratch



  1. You have had a Quick Sight or Word Exchange with Each other: This could be the second situation when she had a brief or quick interaction with you. Or you have seen her in your class or at work but working in some other department. Or it could be when you have just seen her in some public place and had a quick chat over something. Some situation in this category may have raised the question – how to approach a girl on Facebook because you can’t find any other better means.


  1. You Know her since Quite Some Time: The third situation which may compel you to use facebook and make yourself ask the question – how to approach a girl on facebook?


You might be afraid of directly approaching her and asking her out but at the same time your all instincts are pushing you to contact her and starting developing a connection with her.


Life works beyond our minds and there could be thousands of possible situation in which one could be in but, I could come up with these main three. I do believe that most of my readers would be falling in one of these. There would exceptional cases that go beyond them.


Making a step forward, let us find out how one should proceed with their target and actions in each of these situations.


Tip 4 – How to Approach a Girl on Facebook – Strategies under Different Situations


My effort is to bring a sequential flow in your steps and align it with my tips. First I tried to prepare you for first impression. Get possible information about the girl you want to reach through the same medium that you want to use – Facebook.


Once got some idea about compatibility and feel assured about proceeding with your initial thoughts, you have to assess your own situation that you are in.


Later you have to develop a strategy to access her through facebook. Following are a few that I have got to learn from my experience and observing the experience of my acquaintances or friends.


  1. Responding to the Posts – People have different settings for their facebook activities. Most of the users have allowed only contact to react on their posts while others have given it flexibility to allow non-contact users to their post.


Responding to the post is a good way to bring you to her attention. It could be either liking the post or commenting. Remember; be very careful while making a public comment on any of her post.

Don’t try making a personal comment but use the post to talk about. Make an intelligent comment instead of invading her space. The best thing is to stay away passing any remarks on physical appearance of her.


Another thing could be using a sophisticated humor on the post which just will draw her attention to you and make yourself existent in her mind in case she doesn’t know about you at all.


If she knows you, from any of 2nd two situations, making a decent and interesting joke on her wall/post will make her think about you at once. She may enjoy that comment and that could be starting point to slowly take communication further from there.


Keep doing this once in a while—not too frequent and neither like you are dead after the first comment. Just make her know that you are around but don’t make her feel that you are chasing her. Keep a balance and keep it normal.


  1. Drop a Message in her Inbox: This is the second option in response to your question of how to approach a girl on facebook. Let us check out its practicality in each of the above given situation.


  1. If you are interacting with her for the first time as a complete stranger, directly dropping a message in her inbox is not a bad idea. But be careful with what your message says. Be very thoughtful about choice of your words.


Always remember that choice of your words and your tone defines who you are and what you personality is. She would be receiving many messages from many men who are trying chasing her. But you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd in which she is not interested at all. Show respect and also make it genuine.


After one message, wait for a few days before following up in again a respectful manner. If she doesn’t respond your second message, forget about it. She might not be interested in you.


  1. With the later two situations, you can use this reference ( the context in which you know her and what made you to write her) in your message and be direct with your message yet respectful at the same time. Or you may try to use some common interest as reason to talk about.


  1. Friend Request – Third Option could be the friend request. I don’t think it works very well in cases when she doesn’t know you at all. But under 2nd and third situation, it may be ok to send her friend request.


In third one a direct friend request may go ok while in the 2nd, it will be good to start with a message and then further go up with adding her.


Tip 5 – How to Approach a Girl on Facebook – Things to be Considerate About


Remember, it is Natural to Feel Skeptical about a Stranger – Online mishaps are not unknown to anyone. When someone doesn’t know you, they will probably want a reason to trust you and respond to your any message or request.


They would need a reason on why they should be nice to you. Provide them with the reason/s. Try clearing up and calming up her mind in the possible shortest and quickest way.


Don’t Be Overconfident, Rude or Cheesy or a Womanizer – Most of the times when men talk online they try showering women with countless compliments.  Don’t try to be a shallow man, who just can’t see anything beyond her physical appearance like 99% of online desperate losers do.


Use a decent language instead of objectifying her with addressing the words like “sexy” etc. Use your sense and give her a sense that you are a sensible man. I am sure no decent and mature men talk to a girl who he is approaching for the first time with the line “hey sexy, how are you?”.


In real life, we always try our best to be as decent, cultured and sophisticated as we can. Use the same approach when you try to contact her through Facebook.


Keep your Messages Short and Concise in the Beginning – If the question of how to approach a girl on Facebook has seriously occupied your mind and you think you don’t want to let her go then, be smart and careful with your each step.


Don’t be like a pest in the beginning. Write short and very concise messages that will make her easy to respond. Develop conversational grounds gradually. If you right away will jump onto her space, she may feel annoyed or scared.


Give her some time and let her start developing some liking towards you and again as I said above in case of trust. Give her reasons to like you.


Look for Common Interests and Joint Areas of Activities – You will have to put some effort in the process. It is her that has invoked the question – how to approach a girl on Facebook. So don’t let this passion die.


Go to her profile page. Observe what attracts her attention and what you could learn about her interests from her wall. Otherwise ask and try plan or invite her for something that hold interest of both of you.


The most important thing, whenever you ask her meeting for the initial few meetings, choose a public place. This will calm down her fears and concerns.


Don’t Ask for her Number Quickly – Take some time. Let her get comfortable with you. Don’t rush with the things unless she wants you to do that. Let her give you her number or if you suggest meeting at a public place, check if she needs to share her number with you.


Respect her Decisions – Showing respect could be a big game winning factor for you. The mature girls like those men who instead of objectifying them appreciate their personality.


If she doesn’t want to talk to you over certain topics  or if she doesn’t want you to continue talking to her on Facebook, respect that. Don’t scare her by being pushy.


Conclusion – How to Approach a Girl on Facebook


However, I can’t deny the fact that I have seen many success stories of relationships that have started from Facebook but at the same time it could be a challenging and tricky thing.


You just have to be heedful about what and how you do. Don’t let the question of how to approach a girl on Facebook, scare you or hold you to meet your dream girlfriend. I believe, this mini guide post will help with you efforts and will contribute to your success.


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