How to get your ex girlfriend back guide

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast; Ultimate Guide!


How to get your ex girlfriend back when you realize the connection between you two was one in millions? This is the question that most of the guys feel at a point after their break up.


Some of us try moving on and start seeing other women, but the past memories still chase us in the new relation. For some of us, everything just suddenly loses meaning and becomes fade and we can’t find ourselves progressing with anything.


Another group of us, try keep engaging our minds in work or other things to keep it occupied and don’t let gone memories haunt us but once, the mind is free, our hearts start pounding and this may become a worse situation that may lead to some terrible consequences especially when you love her a lot.


So, one thing is certain that breakups where a true love exists are never pleasant. We have to put a lot of effort to get through these. The question is certain too for many of the guys –How to get your ex girlfriend back.


But what varies is situation and reasons of break ups. There could be a huge list and for each reason you have to customize your approach but there are some standard do’s and don’ts that could be applied on every situation or we can say could be considered for every patch up between you and your ex girl.


This blog post is going to focus on the question that I narrate in the very beginning. How to get your ex girlfriend back? I have some tips for that I have gathered from different authentic sources. I say authentic because those were based on personal experiences of the people.


So let’s start learning about the answer.

How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back –Learn to See the Break-up as a Break


We know the fact that people who mean too much for us, we cannot think of getting apart from them and the question “how to get your ex girlfriend back” only comes in situation where she really is someone very special to you. Otherwise, one would try getting over it instead looking for her return in our life.


So, panicking makes a lot of sense but this is not how it always works. Your panic might be misunderstood or can push her even further away from you.  So here, you need to stay in your senses while giving her and yourself enough time to rethink of you two being together again.


This is the time for some thinking about the things which we have not given enough thought. To learn what has worked well and what hasn’t. What were the reasons that have set both of you apart.


Can these issues be worked on? Would it be some kind of compromise or it’s something that one of you was doing not correctly. Think clearly and loudly if the issues could be worked on and have the potential to be addressed all for once.


This means, think that they will not reappear and you instead of killing them from roots are available with some temporary solutions.


That was one side at your end. The other side is the same but this time it’s her instead of you. If the question of “how to get your ex girlfriend back” is raising its head for you, it might be happening the same with your girl if she is not too mad at you anymore.


This break will give her some time to think over as well. In some ways, it is going to be a healthy thing. You both will realize what you have lost without each other and what were your strengths being together. And, if you have to let it go or you want her back in your life.


Remember Out of Sight, Out of Mind – How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

When I said, don’t panic, I meant don’t show yourself too desperate. Do let her know that you really care for her but don’t give an impression that she is only option for you.


Instead, express you regret in a way that shows that you have other better options available but she is you one and only choice. This will make her feel valuable and will help you maintain your dignity too.


With that said, moving a bit forward. If you really want her back, you would know it from the time she left. So you don’t have to wait for too long to let her know that you want her back but how soon?

Deep Connection


I would say, don’t completely disappear and keeping giving her the sense that you are thinking of her. Here you have to be smart, creative and have to maintain a balance. Don’t intrude her space with so much texting or similar things.


But once in a while, let her know about some special moments when you have missed her presence. In routine life there could be several small things that may have become routine for both of you and remind you of each other.


Take one of those moments as a throwback memory and let her know that you haven’t forgotten her but remember, keep small doses of it. Overdoing will kill your efforts and make you look needy. Don’t behave like a needy man. Instead be a man who values relations.


 Discussion after a Reasonable Amount of Time – How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

When it comes to talking about problems in a relation, no matter what relation it is, we the men run away from it. We are afraid that it may raise a fight or will generate a heated argument which may create more problems.


We are correct, most of the times arguments and discussion may destroy things between us but still, ask your girl if she would like to talk about the problem. Remember, it makes feel girls that they are important to you when you give your ear to the problem causing trouble between you and her.


You don’t need to agree or saying yes to everything she says but patiently and politely present your point and position to her. Show sensitivity towards her feelings and situation and try convincing her for a small initial talk.


This shouldn’t be too soon, atleast take a week or two before doing that. I assure you a lot of things in her and your mind are clear by that time and madness on the last heated talk might have gone down.


You both will be in a better position to communicate and listen to each other. So the third step in response to “how to get your ex girlfriend back” would be, ask her for a meet-up in a pleasant environment to talk about the problem and its solution.


Never Give Her a Stern Response – How to Get your ex Girlfriend back

You might be in relationship with a girl for the first time. I know a friend of mine, how has spent a lot of time banging girls but has never been in a serious relationship.


He got a very little interaction with women in general so he is once in age of his 37 years, he was with a girl without any clue how to treat her but he really loved her.


I have found my that friend coming to me worried on same lines – how to get your ex girlfriend back. Yes, I have found myself asking him, so how to get your ex girlfriend back to you.


And irony with him, his was kind of different from all regular girls and that made him really down that he wouldn’t be able to ever get her. So, first thing for those, who didn’t have much idea about women psyche, they should know women are not like their men friends.


They are delicate by nature, no matter how strong they pose themselves. Their strength will give itself away, if you would not treat them as they should be –With politeness and softness. Don’t try to behave stern with her when she emotionally is broken.


If you do, that will take her away from you. It will exhibit you an insensitive man who doesn’t care about her or her feelings or emotions.


So my friend, if you want to know the answer of ‘how to get your ex girlfriend back’ one rule is universal –don’t be stern with her when she emotionally broken. She needs to hear a soft and warm but confident response.


Assure your support, cooperation and understanding to her with your balanced, warm and polite attitude. That’s what gentlemen are known for.


Some General Tips – How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

  • Giving your girl enough space to think and realize you value in her life is way to crucial
  • Too much show up will be like a cut on the chance of getting her back and will put you on a for granted mode.
  • Girls like to be pampered so if she doesn’t respond positively with your “first Missing you gesture” after breakup, don’t get disappointed and lose hope. Keep doing but with reasonable gaps of time.
  • Girls do not like beta guys, so if she text you first, respond like an affectionate Alpha guy and let her know that you are ready to welcome her back if she wants.


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Conclusion – How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

Love and relationships are never as easy and as smooth and we see in fairytales so is the answer to the main question of our blog – how to get your ex girlfriend back.


Approaches may vary from person to person and situation to situation. At times, it could be practical and at times it’s not.


This is why I have given you some general tips that are applicable or have to be considered in almost every situation. Further you have to customize your attitude and actions in accordance with the situation.


Communication is the key but doing it correctly is also important. You can’t unlock a door if you will not use the key properly. Avoiding your girl, showing that you are perfect without her or showing yourself too miserable, none of these will work.


You have to maintain a balance and figure out what time which card will be the best. Whatever you do, do it with confidence, own your actions and words and say and do those only when you mean them.


Don’t use shallow words, your girl will lose trust in you—another key element of a strong bonding. This is all that I had for you in this post, “how to get your ex girlfriend back”. I do hope that it has given you some insight and would help you bringing your ex back in your life.


Just remember, if you really care for her, don’t lose hope. Be consistent, respectful, sensitive and affectionate throughout. Also be patient and soon you will have her by your side again.


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