how to make a woman want you the best guide

How To Make A Woman Want You? Here Is The Perfect Guide!


How to make a woman want you? – A question that has never gone old. Since centuries, the human race was created and the relation between men and women was introduced, I am sure this question is floating on the surface from those times.


It is not just with them men, I have seen women struggling with the same question of understating their opposite gender. So, this is question of how to make a woman want you, is not new, neither it is uncommon.


I wonder why, we have not found the answer yet. Generations have gone and it can’t be denied that a father or an elder brother, an uncle or an experienced friend hadn’t passed on their knowledge to you. Then why, instead of the long chain it is still a mystery?


Why, despite of being in the pool of knowledge, still men ask from each other – how to make a woman want you? How do you do that? Can you give me some of your tricks too? Why do I fail and others make their way so easily.


What do you think, what mistake do you make and other don’t? What weakness do you have that other have not? What are they good at and you are not? Ah, so is there some recipe that can answer this question? No, not at all, if there was, It had been in every man’s hand, would be passing on from generations to generations.


So my friend, yes there is not a single recipe or a magic formula but yes, there are some universal rules that almost every normal woman seeks. Rest depends on the type of women you date or want to go after.

 how to make a woman want you guide

How to Make a Woman Want YouFemininity and Masculinity


First, you have to be sure that we are not talking about just flings or objectified attractions. Here it is more than that. But these lines can be picked and observed by any man want to get around girls. The reason I selected this at the first place, as it could be the base of initial attraction and further things could be built upon this.


So, if you want to know how to make a woman want you then you have to relate it with yourself and put yourself into the shoes of the women. You know when it comes to men, they are more attracted to girls or women good at maintaining their femininity either it be through their dressing and fashion or the attitude and personality traits.


Same is with women; they like to be with men who have maintained their masculine side. I hope you will perceive it as it is attended. Let me give you an example.


The Ancient Time – Have you heard of the eternal love stories? They were all from the history. Why don’t we have anymore love stories like Romeo and Juliet anymore? Is there something wrong with relationships in the modern times? What are lacking in present times that were present in other times?


The Leadership Role – I probably don’t have a whole lot of answer but I do have observed one key role that men of those times had and that is their leadership role in the relationship. Hold on, I know my feminist fellows are getting uncomfortable when I said this. They might be thinking women of those times were suppressed and were less privileged to their rights.

Yes and that is completely right. Don’t confuse it with gender equality that is completely a different thing and I am in no way speaking against that. Infact I strongly believe in gender equality.


But when I have mentioned maintaining masculine nature it meant that you should do it with a balance while caring and respecting the goals, aims and desire of the woman. Women want to be led in their relationship.


And by this I meant, they want to you to take initiative and want you to decipher their coded words or action. Women want you to be a good decision maker and reflect your interest and opinion. A follower would not be their choice who always looks towards her to speak and have no voice.


So how to make a woman want you – don’t be a macho man but take initiative where you are expected to. Vulnerability is a very annoying trait when men use that in a relationship with their girlfriends.


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Deep Connection


How to make a woman want you – It’s just not the Romance

Want to stay in a relationship? Figuring out how to make a woman want you for a long term relationship? You should know the fact that unlike most of the men, for women, romance and sexuality of a man isn’t the only binding factor of a relation between them.


Chase Amante’s Mix of Three’s:  Of course, that’s a part of it but, it has its own proportions. Then what else, women look for in a man that can convince them for a long term commitment. I have actually read a lot of guys trying to share their expert opinions but what I would recommend you to read is, if you really wish to see some authentic reading – Chase Amante


I do disagree with few of his points in his writings but in my opinion that guy has got 70 percent of it as correct crux of understanding the fact of how to make a woman want you.


His categories the search of women in three main categories: Lovers, Friends and then, Providers. He then explains the traits of each character. According to him, the needs and desires of women keep changing.


Today, if they want to see a friend in you and if they will be just seeing the friend side, tomorrow they will crave for a lover in their lives. But being mere a lover wouldn’t be enough for a successful relation. Other times they will look towards you to take care of them as a provider.


By provider, it doesn’t mean a financial keeper but it means, give affection when they need, listen to them and give guidance and strong opinion when they feel for it. Give them satisfaction and assurance that you are there for them to protect them from their insecurities of any kind.


So, answer to the question of how to make a woman want you lies somewhere in between three different roles. Your attitude and dealing with each role could vary according to the situation and your personality but the features of these roles are already set. Let me take those out from his article for you.


  • Friend – Thoughtful, supportive, considerate, good listeners, accepting and non-judgmental and, always ready to uplift and encourage
  • Lovers: Exciting and stimulating, challenging, charming and witty, romantically aggressive yet affectionate
  • Providers: Stable, secure, reliable, resourceful or maybe financially strong.

I dropped down a few of the features I wasn’t agreeing with and I picked only the ones I feel would be the on high preferences of a woman. So according to him the desires of woman keep shifting and if a man has mix of this, he can work it well in the favor of their relation and keep making improvement and let it evolve.


How to make a Woman Want You – Misconceptions

Again, while talking lots of my friends and acquaintances and then reading the expert opinion on the internet or in books, I found out everything and every tip somebody gives you is not always true and couldn’t have the same implications for you as it is for them. I would like to write down some of them here.

  • Who Can Teach You Better Tips? – Well, to me none is a better teacher than your own experience. If you know how to evaluate your observations, you could learn from them. But this is also true that there is clear distinction between how the men see something and how the women perceive their thoughts about them.


If you want learn about women and looking for the answer on how to make a woman want you, you should talk to your female friends. No one can guide you better than them. More or less, the basic foundations of a woman’s thought are same but the objectives, their experiences and exposure define a lot of their attitudes and have biggest contribution of how they want their men to be.


I have seen one man advising the other on how to treat a woman and believe me it was a blind leading the way. I have also seen most of western following the same approach that guy advised(mirroring the women) which was totally stupid. We will talk about it in detail later.


Learn from your female friends how they see their relationships and what they prefer in a man. Picking up deep points or even very minor points that we men sometimes overlook will help you understand the woman that you want to stay with you for long.


Believe me, I couldn’t find more depth and flow in the writing written by women in the answer of this question. If any man think he has got everything right based on his experience and observations, he is not correct.


So your best consultants are women themselves. Even if you can’t understand and you have no-one consult with just ask your girl. I tell you she will be happy that you are keen to improve and work on things and that you want to learn about her.


Chasing or Pursuing? –  I know there are women that are very difficult and for 95% of men this puts them off. But you have to ask, are they really difficult or is it you who is incapable to understand them. We as a men are very optimistic but women’s mind are different.

We see thing at a macro level and direction but women unconsciously get into details of everything and instead of sketching a single line to connect something they have whole of a web interconnected with so many things.


So, if they say no to something right away that may have some deep factors. Try to explore instead of giving up and thinking that its end of the game. Chasing could be little strong word and pursuing of what you want is more appropriate.


How to make a woman want you? Give you attention and lend ear to fix the issues. Compromises have to be made if you really want to work on something but just make sure it stays in balance. Of course attention seekers and drama queens are out of this group.


This keeps warmth alive in a relation. Don’t behave cold as we western men are turned into today. The girls really seek warmth of a relation. You think you have that but I will advise you to check out with some of your Asian male friends.


While pursuing a girl, they see it as a goal and don’t leave her right away after one rejection but try to figure out what went wrong and if it could be fixed. Don’t blame the girl, change your thoughts also, you have to change this opinion that you will get another one. Guys with many options don’t need to find the answer of how to make a woman want you. This is for one women type guys.


Never Think of Mirroring Her – This is the last misconception that I wanted to give you. Chase Amante said give a bored look at times. I would say no, that’s the worst advise. Never do that. Don’t play games with her.


Women want constant reminders that they are the only ones and you love or care for them. Never use this “bored” word—this would be insulting her and her feeling if those are true. Instead keep reminding her through different means that how important she is for you but with sincere efforts.


Of course, don’t let any women take you for granted but you if think she is different, no harm in expressing your feeling every now and then. It will strengthen your relation.


Just last example and I will close it. I read somebody writing me. He actually tried mirroring his girlfriend. She went little quite and the guy reacted more intensely. Without asking the reason, he started getting cold towards her and then at once he totally ignored her.


Later the approached back but pretending there were nothing awkward between them and resumed their previous routine and put things under the cover. Same happened again and his reaction was like he doesn’t know anything. He was completely ignoring and finally the she had to burst with the feeling he merely wants to be with her for his own interests and doesn’t really care for her.


That wasn’t the girl’s fault. If your girl is quiet sometime, drop your ego and ask her for the reason if you really care. You won’t lost your dignity but gain respect for being considerate and thoughtful. She always doesn’t want kisses and romance, she does want to be understood and listened to.


And never hold your sorries when you had some fault. Just remember the egos are the biggest threats to your relation. Don’t give up on fight, yet make several attempts to get back to normal. Little affection, attention and care would won’t hurt your manly ego but will be the perfect answer of how to make a woman want you.


How to Make a Woman Want You – Conclusion

I hope I could have laid down some of the points that you can think upon and get your answer to your question that we started with (how to make a woman want you). We can pick up good points from all different people and times. From old times, just pick one trait ‘leadership’ in relation without confusing it with the word “dominant”.


Woman most of the times don’t know what they want, no matter how sure they think themselves that they are, until they meet their Mr. Right. Your initiative in sensible manner can let them know what they wanted and then in turn could make want you.


Never drop your guards about misconceptions. I can say this with 200 percent assurance that many experts take is completely wrong. Their advice is the poison to your relation. Try it once and you will know what I meant. I wish you luck with your objectives.


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