Kyrgyzstan women guide

Kyrgyzstan Women; The Best Guide For Dating Kyrgyzstan Women Today!


Kyrgyzstan women are sweet, caring, generous are completely feminine.


Their most attractive features are usually their eyes, hair, and Mongolian/Chinese looks but their physical appearance has an influence of Russian Ukrainian and Uzbek or the genes from ethnic groups residing in the region.


Dating is an exotic word in Kyrgyzstan culture as they usually follow the trend of arranging marriages. If men and women tend to like each other, they usually need a short period of time maximum to confirm the feelings and then families get together to tie them in the bond of marriage.


We will talk about the detail later in this post. For now, just to begin with if you want to marry anyone from Kyrgyzstan women, here is the basic introduction of the society and their practices for you.


Kyrgyzstan as a Country

Kyrgyzstan geographically is from among the five Soviet Republics in the Central Asia- Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. So, it’s self-explanatory that the countries share lots of commonalities.


Moreover, when it comes to border sharing countries then, we can add China to the list. This makes Kyrgyzstan a country with rich traditions and history. Northern culture is influenced by Russia and the Southern has Uzbek integration.


The central region is named as Naryn and is purely Kyrgyz. At some places, the culture is defined as a Turkish and Mongol culture have been blended into the Kyrgyz culture.


Tourists and Kyrgyzstan Women



If traveling the world is one of your greatest desires, picking up Kyrgyzstan will not be a bad choice especially if you love mountains and trekking. There you can explore the chances of meeting and establish acquaintances with the Kyrgyzstan women.


This is, however, easier said than done. If you are unsure if you could meet any of the Kyrgyzstan women and court her once you visit the place and are concerned it might be waste of time and money, let me then give you a few reasons for motivation;

  • The country is although landlocked and rugged but has 80% of mountain territory. A great place for hiking lovers
  • For those who wish to have a tour of great Silk Road–The channel of trade transportations for centuries used by Eastern and Western civilizations.
  • The Issyk-Kul lake that is this second largest mountain lake in the world and, first in terms of depth and volume of water.


I have someone sharing if you are a person who is keen to be organized and used to of smooth comfortable luxurious stays, then, you can pick up Bishkek, the capital for stay and hire some proper services for a visit.


But my experience says, exploring it on your own will pave more chances for you to meet and interact directly with Kyrgyz locals and in turn increasing the opportunities to the Kyrgyzstan women for a potential relationship or dating.


Also, a way to spend some time with a Kyrgyz girl is to take her as a translator. But that actually works if you know her beforehand. This is something, somebody already knows have tried.


Kyrgyzstan Women in Country Side and the Capital

You will meet different levels of culture in the countryside and in the Capital, know as Bishkek. It also depends on your nature and purpose of the meeting and dating women.


In Bishkek, you will mostly come across with the young students who will be very open and will easily mix up. It is not very difficult to buy them a drink and then head to the bed.


But usually, you have to trick the girls about your stay duration. Shorts stays will make them alert that you just want to sleep with them and it puts them off with a thought of not future connection or relation.


I have also heard men complaining that Bishkek is full of prostitutes. It is hard to find out, who is the real nice girl and who is working for the money. Maybe, you can figure it out on your own. There is no particular tip on this matter.

Attracting women in the capital could be easy if you care about three main points;

Deep Connection
  1. Decent dressing. Macho cool guy style do not attract mature women
  2. Little bit knowledge of Russian and Kyrgyz is good. Although they say English, Russian and Kyrgyz are taught in every school but still, there are chances that not everyone knows English.
  3. Friendly and talkative: As these are usually young students so they would expect you to be lively. Don’t give them a chance to call you boring. They like lively guys.


Day game is not very popular in the capital but still, if you find someone outside the club and get success in getting their number, it will be your luck. Just ask them to buy a drink, lunch or dinner.


You will be supposed to pay for the meal or drink or taxi fare if the girls come along. The capital is expensive. Try renting a hostel that will be cost effective for you.


There are some clubs that you may find in the Bishkek. Although, you can always expand your search and find some better ones than these.

  • Golden Bull
  • Beer Loga
  • Hollywood
  • The Metro Pub


In the countryside, if you tend to explore the things on your own, there will not be much difficulty. The people in the villages are nice and incredibly helpful and hospitable.


Even, you would find some letting you stay with them in-case you show your lack of knowledge about the place and require help in seeking a decent place to stay.


The environment on the provincial side is different than it is in Bishkek. People are more conservative and women and men actually cannot be seen as friends.


Also, If you happen to come across women, be friendly but don’t try shaking hands. This is not common in the country. The same gender can shake hands but opposite is not usually supposed to do that.


A sign of their great warm and hospitable attitude is, if you are in a village, people usually will come and talk you out of frankness. They will invite you for a cup of tea or meal at home.


You won’t find anyone who has met you before and would not offer you a cup of tea if you happen to see other at any point.


Forming acquaintance with Kyrgyzstan women from the country side would be tricky but if you find someone around you that catches your interest, find out some ways to have some regular conversation and know more about them.


Build trust and explore the potential further. They do know the fact that foreigners don’t bite. So a random chat without letting others be suspicious would be a good start.

Marriage and dating with Kyrgyzstan Women

Kyrgyz usually do arrange marriages. Women and men have clearly defined roles. Education rate of women is very high – around 99%.


In the constitution, the women have given all the rights but in practice, things are not very same, although, women are into work and jobs particularly in the capital city. While in the countryside they are into agriculture and education.


There is a strange practice in the country that every 40 minutes one among Kyrgyzstan women is kidnapped for forced marriage. It is a crime according to the law but has its roots in the culture since long times following the nomadic culture.


Not much is done about it by the law and enforcement agencies if it is reported having some cultural reasons.


Many Kyrgyzstan women being a victim of this practice spend their whole life in misery and I know one of them who found an American spouse and is so happy living a life where she feels worthy.


But if you are a Westerner, you know falling in love and marrying Kyrgyzstan women means converting to their religion.



There could be a long list of orientation about the place and its culture but as I always have laid down the basics for you. There is always the room for more. The learning process never ends especially when you are really in deep love with someone.


My advice will be learning as much as you can before heading to Kyrgyzstan. There are a lot of reasons to have a Kyrgyz girl to be your bride and top among them is that they are caring sweet and devoted.


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