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    Greek Women; The ultimate guide on how to meet Greek women fast!

    Greek women guide

    Greek Women from the Mediterranean paradise are different experience by different men.   Greece has been one of the oldest civilizations on the earth has deep and multi-layer roots of culture, history, and geography.   This so is incredibly reflected in the Greek women, their behavior, thinking patterns, living styles etc.   If you are […]

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    Kyrgyzstan Women; The Best Guide For Dating Kyrgyzstan Women Today!

    Kyrgyzstan women guide

    Kyrgyzstan women are sweet, caring, generous are completely feminine.   Their most attractive features are usually their eyes, hair, and Mongolian/Chinese looks but their physical appearance has an influence of Russian Ukrainian and Uzbek or the genes from ethnic groups residing in the region.   Dating is an exotic word in Kyrgyzstan culture as they […]

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    Dating A French Woman; How Dating a French Woman Make You a Better Lover!

    dating a french woman full guide

    Dating a French woman is not any undiscovered topic. The open, liberal and welcoming society has not kept the men willing to date a French woman away from it.   Also, the French woman is Independent and well traveled so it is impossible not to find a French lady somewhere else in Europe, America or […]

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    What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Dating a German Woman!

    A friend of mine who was English, just recently shared his experience with me on dating a German woman.   I have heard some views from some other non-German guys too but not particularly same as my English friend but some other nationalities including Asian.   Then in addition to that, fortunately I have some […]