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Tinder Dating Site Review; You Should Read This!


This tinder dating site review is meant to help those who have heard about the site but have not joined it yet and would like to get some information about it and want to learn from experience of those who already have used it or are in the phase of using it presently.


Since, I myself am not a great expert on the app, so I decided doing some thorough search before putting down something for you in the tinder dating site review blog. You might be aware of the fact that home page of the site itself, doesn’t provide much information to the new comers.


It just have a few tabs to click without giving a full picture to a newbie of how it’s going to be like. I am sure, if you have tried online dating before you would know how frustrating an experience could be with a few of the site, if you don’t pick the right one.


Although the online dating game is on since ages now but yet there a few main giants that are ruling the world and the rest have their own limitations and challenges that have not let them get to success.


To answer this concern of those online users who are now feeling picky about their online dating experience, I am writing this Tinder dating site review. It is also for those who are new with their online dating experience.


To give you an overview of my Tinder dating site review, I will explain what the app is about, how it is different from other sites and what similarities has it with others. What is the success rate, how you can use, what its users have to say about and then some statistics that has been published on it.


So let’s get started with the question, what is Tinder.


Tinder Dating Site Review – A General Overview


Tinder is sort of a dating site launched back in September 2012 in some of the campuses in the United States. Till now, it has acquired attention of millions of users that about 50 million or above are using the site presently.


Considering it features that we will talk about a little later, its known for more of a hook-up site. Although, there are people using it for finding the love as well but mainly the feature tend to give you a sense that is satisfy the needs of sex-hunters.


Tinder Dating Site Review – Main Features of the App


The site was initially introduced for mobile users but now it has its web version as well. You can find it in available for iOS and Android. If you open the home page, before signing up, you would see three main tabs -Swipe, Match and Chat

Then there is the sign up box. After signing up you can unlock more feature that could be premium and free. As a free user, you can use swipe, profile views and chat options but there is Tinder Gold with some additional add on that I will explain in next paragraphs.


Then there a boost option that helps one get noticed by other online users for a particular period of time. Before we talk about these features in details, let us see a few more important and initial details.


Tinder Dating Site Review – What is Mandatory to Use Tinder?


I am sure you will be wondering, what it could be and would be making wild guesses about it. Well, I think you be aware of the fact that facebook is one of those social media sites that has partnered with other sites helping connecting the accounts.


This is what happens with Tinder. You must have a facebook account that sort of authenticates your identity and helps you get a place on Tinder.


As my tinder dating site review is targeting everyone who is not familiar with the app yet so I find it necessary to keep you aware of all the basic details.


So, continuing with what we have started before, Tinder gets your location, photos of your choice and other necessary basic details from facebook. Later then you can customize those details as per your preferences.


Tinder Dating Site Review – How Does Tinder Work, Step 1


Tinder basically counts three main elements as essential for one to have their presence on the site. These include their photo, location and age. The makes the part of your profile. Apart from this you have limit of 500 characters to describe yourself.

Deep Connection


Tinder shows you the results based on your set range about your preferred nearest location. Their photo and age appear in the main view and then you have option either to like or to pass it.


With free tinder features, you have to remember once you have passed on a profile by swiping it to the left you by no means go back to the previous one. However, with one feature it is possible to view back the last viewed profile.


Tinder Dating Site Review – How Does Tinder Work, Step 2


Swipe, match and chat. This covers the whole story about Tinder working process.

Actually the swipe feature was the one that made it really different from other apps. As it is something unique that has been first introduced by Tinder.


You like a profile, swipe it to the right and if you don’t like it swipe it to the left to pass it on. Next, if the things will be in your favor, the person likes back your profile and that will be the opportunity to start a chat with them.


Remember, you can’t chat or talk to anyone directly on Tinder until they have liked your profile too. This means mutual interest and that signals Tinder that it’s time to connect two people.


Tinder Dating Site Review – Tinder Paid features and versions


With constant upgrading and with efforts to address the concerns of their users, tinder has introduced various features in the past years until now to make their user experience more worthy on the application.


Tinder Gold/Tinder Plus–These are the premium versions and the users get some additional privileges with them. With these one can have;


Profile Boost: you can get to list your profile on the deck for about 30 minutes. This means your profile would be among the highest seen profile of that time.


Peak time Identification: There is also some help available with peak time notification. You can get information about the timings most of your potential matches are online at the given time.


Super likes: You have the power to stress upon your attraction towards a member by giving them a super like to their profile.


Tinder Passport: It is for those who are interested to look for someone outside their location, means other countries etc. For example, if you are travelling next month to Italy, by using passport tinder you can change your location and look for potential and interesting matches in that particular area.


Social groups: Group likes is also another feature that can be turned on or turned off depending on your need. For those people, who have some common interest like other social groups in the form of a group and invite someone to join the group.


This is also for those who would like to meet in groups other than just one single woman.


Tinder Dating Site Review – Integration with Other Social Media Applications


Facebook: As I have mentioned, it is mandatory to have a facebook account in order to use Tinder dating site. It will collect your basic bio from there and photos as well which could be customized further later.


Earlier, it was just through Facebook that you can upload your photos to Tinder but now they have another option to use your mobile memory for picking up your photos and adding to your Tinder account.


Instagram: As the main element of you profile is your photo, Tinder have provided you with the option to link your instagram and then constantly update your pictures.


Tinder Dating Site Review – Some Factual Data


  • Tinder, currently have about or over 50 million users
  • Being used in over 140 countries in about 30 languages
  • The ratio of men and women on the site is 60:40 and according to GlobalWebIndex survey 42% of these men are in relationship already
  • Tinder also has introduced some verified accounts of celebrities in July 2015. Katty Perry and Lindsay Lohan could be two of those names.
  • Till 2018, around 20 billion matches are made on Tinder
  • 5 million Dates have been attributed with Tinder till 2017
  • According to Global Web Index, only 1% of global internet users are using Tinder


Tinder Dating Site Review – Overview of Users Experience and Feedback


While looking for the users’ review, I have found a mixed group of happy and unsatisfied members. There were some who have found matches and have dated with the locals of their choice.


Some of the people had negative experience with use of the site. For example, there were a number of people who were grumbling about their accounts being removed or blocked for no obvious reasons.


There were some people who have been scammed, although Tinder has tried taking all possible measure to keep their users away from scams.


Some people were of the view it is for casual hook-ups and safer than traditional night outs and quick dates. Some gave it the title of a ‘shallow dating app’ as there isn’t anything much deeper about relationships.


Some gave it a good ranking because it helps exploring younger people about themselves and also since it’s all about your close location so it has been counted as good social networking platform.


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Tinder dating Site Review – Wrap Up


Tinder is present since September 2012 and was basically launched as a Mobile dating app in the US. It has now its web version available as well.


It has earned a mixed reputation among US, UK, Australia and North America. Much younger group of its users is enjoying more than the mature age. It doesn’t have all the singles in its membership portfolio but there are men in relationship and divorced people as well.


People are not only using it for seeking their romance partner but are there to expand their friend zone too.


It works mainly with swiping and uses location and age to find one’s match. It has its paid features as well which add help to its users in finding their matches more conveniently.


If hope, this tinder dating site review had been helpful for you and if you find something that I have missed out, you are welcome to add in feedback section. Happy Tinder dating!


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