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What Turns Women On; The Secret You Must Know Today!


What turns women on? This is not a new question but yes slightly different than the medieval times where men didn’t have much to worry about pleasing or turning on a woman instead women had these fears.


With the mankind’s evolution, the things have changed, now if you really love a woman you don’t only have to be worried about getting her but you have to know how to keep her and what are things that would make her feel want you.


In short you have to go some long way to know her and then make your moves to have her in your arms.


Studies show there is no single formula that would work turning on every woman as each of them has difference preferences depending on the personality types. So what I have done is collected some of the best points for you and listing them here.


It is true that all of them will not work on every woman but it is also correct that one or the other or a mix of a few will work in your favor. Just don’t give up and keep trying maintaining consistency and persistence but with a trick that won’t let your girl take away from you.


So my “what turns women on list” would be something that could be used by any kind of man with any kind of attraction towards women and bring them closer to you.


Ask yourself if it is Always about Masculinity— What Turns Women On

Chauvinist men would have different approach towards women and same is from the other side. Meaning those women who are attracted towards chauvinist attitude are more likely to be turned on by the gestures associated with this type.


Now what could be these things; Making her feel special by opening doors for her, treating her like a princess etc. Yes these are some of the things that a particular class of women would feel a turn on thing.


You might be doing things just your own way but she might be inside her head, dreaming and fantasizing about you. So let’s talk about a few of the masculine things that may help serving the purpose.

  1. Your Muscular Body could be One Thing among What Turns Women On – This is one of the many physical things that draws a woman attention and makes her mind thinking about you in a sexual manner.


You know a fit and strong body would never fail in this. So make sure work out or a jog are the regular part of you routine. Women do love a healthy strong body plus it gives an impression that you like taking care of yourself and improving your look and health.


  1. Your Ability to Resolve and Fix things for Her – Another turn on for her — who thinks that her man will take care of all the things that may bother her. While working on fixing her problem she might be admiring you inside and thinking some intimate thoughts about you.


  1. Holding her Strongly – Among what turns women on, showing you physical strength is also the part of manly hood and women love a strong touch. There is no doubt you can wake her desires once with your this action but yes, make sure it’s a gentle, friendly and loving hold not the otherwise.


  1. Physical Touches – We all know a touch can do miracles and you can’t take it out from this post of what turns women on. This is one the most essential action but you have to find out what kind and where, this touch would work.


That you can learn with time. Sometimes mere holding a hand would take it to miles. So never ignore the power of holding a hand but for that you should have to create environment after that as well.


  1. Romantic Music – Music has always played great roles in almost every field of life. Right music at the right time and you and she will be enjoying the moments together and flying like the loving birds in the air.


  1. Dim Lights – This goes hand in hand with some light music as well. Dim lights and whispering sounds are the part of things what turns women on. This is why candle light dinners are so famous and known for romantic atmosphere.

Go to being Non-Traditional Ways – What Turns Women On?

There are things that are associated with men and women by cultural or social ways. At times when a man breaks those traditions and does something unusual that gives some women a pleasant surprise. The unexpected and this is where it starts. Let’s talk about a few of them.


  1. Cooking for Her — Yes, this is what turns women on. For a lot of women it is perceived as sweet and caring gesture. You might have heard the saying — If you want to win the heart of a man, learn to cook well as the way to reach his heart is through his stomach.

So mostly women are tuned this way of making their men happy but when a man takes this job in his hand and starts cooking, it may send some very positive vibes to the woman. This shows that you are willing to go beyond boundaries to make her happy.

  1. Doing House Chores or Helping Her Around – Again, in the male dominant societies, this could be one of the things that women are responsible for taking care of home and then kids.

If a man suddenly starts doing house chores with her or give her a relief and does these things on his own, this again will make her heart filled with love for you. This could be one of the biggest turn ons for your girl.


  1. Giving Attention to the Detail and Then Remembering – It’s mostly women who are known for remembering dates and special events or the things that you have said at some point—If once in a while you would do that, this will be another positive message for her and get her blood circulated fast in her nerves.

But for this, you may try it once in a while. This will keep a balance in reminding her that at times you go really caring that you remember her special things even when it’s not the regular part of your personality or habits.

Deep Connection


Some Random Things – What Turns Women On

Besides some of the things that are mentioned above, there are a few things that women have shared about themselves and their partners—those that fill them with love for their partner when they see doing them that.


  1. Minor Things that One Does Unconsciously—One thing a man must know is if a girl gets emotionally connected to you, you will not have to find many reason to have by your side. So if you want to add more into the list of what turns women on, get her connected to you emotionally first.

Then, you have unlimited moments when she will find you cute and sweet—such as while driving and dropping her back home, you drive slowly and pretend that you lost the way. Believe me this will make her feel really engaged and that you love spending time with her.


Another times, these could be some of your habits—maybe the way you address her when you are in a chilled mood or when you touch your hair when you are confused on nervous. Find about those things and these will again give you additional matter for your list of what turns women on.


  1. When you want to tell Her but Can’t – A nervous guy is at times looks lovely to a woman who he is trying to win. It gives her a message that he is very much into her but afraid of losing her as well through any of his inappropriate actions or words.

This is not always valid. Don’t misunderstand it with a timid guy but I am sure you will get what I mean. This is one of the things among what turns women on.


Here is the list of another few that I thought could be useful to include in here

  • Your morning rough but very natural look
  • If she has seen you mostly in casual wear, some great dressing up make her turned on
  • Your voice at times could be one of the things
  • A strong eye contact while talking to her when you are sitting in a group
  • Looking at her for a while with a sweet caring smile
  • Holding her from waist
  • Kissing her forehead, this is the message of affection and women crave for affection
  • Staring at her while she is talking to you or telling a story
  • Touching her hair
  • Intellectual conversation when you passionately shares any of your achievement with her


So, this was the list of a few random things in my post of what turns women on. There could be several other things but these were the best among what I have been told and I could read everywhere.


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Wrap Up – What Turns Women on

As I said in the beginning, each women is different and for every women, it’s not the same. That was the reason for giving you different points to think on. Some women love masculinity and chauvinist style while the rest like going untraditional way.


Therefore, in the end what turns women on is not a single formula but you have to figure it out for your girl. I know men hate home works and going into details of relationship but the crux of any relation is finding about your partner as much as you can about that. Only then you can enjoy the fruits.


I hope, this list of “what turns women on” would have been helpful for you. If any of the females are reading this post of if any man has something more to add into it, you are welcome to share it through your feedback.


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