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Belarus women

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 03:04 pm

Belarus women are among the least known women in the dating world outside Europe. You might be thinking probably they are not attractive or there may be something faulty between the lines burying them down in the world of dating and relationships.



No, Belarus women are really beautiful and gorgeous. All that makes them less known on the list is the identity of their country. The Republic of Belarus is a small landlocked country in Eastern Europe sharing its borders with Ukraine, Russia, and Poland.


Belarus women best


But the women of the country are blessed with natural beauty. It is claimed that the Belarus women do not care much about hiding their faces behind layers of make-up as they rarely need it.


Also, these are the women who are very conscious about their physical health—from an early age, they start using the gym and doing exercises in order to stay in good shape.


So, there is nothing that can hold the Belarus women from looking highly attractive and stunning in comparison to the other European women and the girls from their neighboring countries.


I am going to narrate down a few facts about the Belarus women that will make you decide about dating a Belarus girl.


Visa Restrictions and Governmental Policies

Belarus is still following the old soviet regime patterns. This in turn makes it one of the most isolated countries in entire Europe.


So if you are a foreigner and reading my article, this is not strange for me that you have not heard about Belarus and Belarus women before.


Yes, there are some visa restrictions that discourage many foreigners to get into the hassle of repetitive visits to the embassy for the purpose of acquiring a visa.


But, If you have your heart laying in the country who cares about this little effort of getting the visa for the visit.


Foreign Men are the Welcomed

Belarus women are greatly attracted to foreign guys. First, because they find them really exotic, and second they see them more open towards balancing the gender roles in a relationship and giving affection and respect to their girl or wife.


Don’t get me wrong here. I did not mean that Belarus men don’t give respect or affection to their wives. Or the Belarus women are rebellious to their traditions and cultural norms.


I just meant that many times the traditionally defined gender roles put men in a more dominant position which in some cases leads to domestic violence depriving women of enjoying the best from a relationship.


Beauty with Brains

If you have dreams and visions with future goals and progressive thinking patterns, you are one step ahead of the other men who are without them. Belarus women are not much into looks but they care more about the character of a man.


Your ability as a man to pursue specific goals for you and your family life along with your intentions towards her are a few among the core elements that a Belarus woman will try searching for you.


They like intellectual men with a family-oriented mind. So, mere good looks and being a foreigner will not help you win a girl’s heart if you don’t have these qualities.


Although, this is not the rule of thumb as each woman is different this definitely makes a difference in whom you would run into and get into a relationship with.


Well-Mannered, Friendly and Family Orientated

The hook-up culture and one-night stand are not very much part of the Belarus culture. However, I won’t deny that Minsk still makes a great sex tourism place.


I have mostly heard from Italian guys who have been able to take girls to beds during their brief visits. I think they know the trick.


What they have suggested, you have to buy the girls a drink, start a conversation, give her a few compliments and she will be in the bed.


This could be highly controversial. It depends on your purpose of visit, the place you stay and the kind of girls you look for and meet.


High-quality girls would never spend and waste their time if they know your intentions of mere sleeping with them.


Believe me, they are so genius in reading your mind and your purpose of showering them with compliments.


Many times girls get into the trap of compliments. They can’t figure out If those praises were genuine and hoping to see a future with a sex-driven foreigner without knowing the real purpose.


Here I add some more facts and recommendations on dating Belarus women.


  • If you want to have a pretty, sweet, caring, and loyal wife then Belarus women are the best marriage material type.


  • Owing to their traditional attitude, they are quite shy but very friendly, warm and never make a mistake of thinking them naive. They are pretty much aware of the relationship matters—you just need to be a really decent and elegant man.


  • If you are looking for short-term dating/s, Minsk is not a bad place. Give a few compliments and the girl is yours.


  • It is advisable to not use hotels if you are on short-term dates else, you have to pay the security guard every time you bring a girl to the hotel. Apartments are the best suit for this.


  • Belarus women are not only amazingly attractive but at the same time very feminine.


  • The average life expectancy of a Belarus woman is 77 years.


  • So far, I have heard more from Italian and Turkish guys making their way into marriages with Belarus women. Maybe other foreigner guys have not landed there yet or are still struggling to figure out how it works.


  • Belarus women like compliments as Belarus men rarely give them many.


  • Belarus people are quite into superstitions. So you better find a banquette for your girl without an even number of flowers in it. Better you ask about her culture and norms first before giving her some gifts.


  • Belarus people have still very strong family bonding. If you are intending to courts Belarus women, better be prepared with meeting and spending time with her family.




Those were a few tips and views about Belarus women. This is not enough my friend. There is a lot that you still have to learn and figure out on your own. I will conclude my blog by using the words that I feel best suit the Belarus women – Incredibly beautiful, amazingly smart, really loyal, tender and caring, and best life partners.

What do you think?

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