Why Mom Was Right About Dating a Mexican Woman!

dating a mexican woman

Are you interested in dating a Mexican woman but wondering what it could be like? Is the fear of the unknown bothering you? Or do you already have a Mexican girlfriend but you are struggling to make sense of the things happening around you?

I can understand your position. This has been the case with many of my friends in similar situations. Apart from that, I have some friends who have spent some time in Mexico dating Mexican women.

I, therefore, will try to help you with the matter by sharing some ground facts about dating culture connected to Mexican girls.


dating a Mexican woman


You just have to mindful that experiences may vary from one person to another. Many times your own personality traits shape your experience. So, let me tell you the most important aspects that one needs to know before looking for a Mexican girl for a date.

Culture and Traditions – If you are a white American, European, Canadian or British fellow, you need to know Mexican women follow their traditional values.

The first and foremost is the gender roles. They are open and cheerful, yet they will expect you to take the first move for a date or relationship.

You may like knowing the fact that Mexican girls are quite flirtatious but they wait for the man for a green signal.

Submissive would not be the correct word but, yes like many other non-western cultures; they expect men to take charge of relationships and matters associated with them. Financial matters are at the top of the list.

The second fact related to culture is, family especially the mothers have an inseparable role in the life of Mexican girls. Controlling would be a very strong word. But, this is true that you cannot have a successful relationship with a Mexican woman if you cannot win her mother’s favor or trust.

Unlike, Americans or other western girls, it is ok for an adult Mexican girl to live with her family at the age of 26. This doesn’t mean all girls will be living with their families but this happens mostly if they don’t have to move for studies or a job.

Another thing that you must be aware of is sensitivity and respect towards Mexican traditions. I have come to know from my friends who have dated Mexican girls that you are not allowed to laugh at their traditions.

 Instead, you are supposed to respect her traditions else you are inviting trouble

Table Manners are one of the most intriguing and unique aspects of Mexican dating. A friend of mine told me he had been frowned upon on taking the table manners light.

When I say this, it means you have to go through the keen details including keeping your hands off the table.


An amusing fact that came across while learning about Mexican girls was their great skills in Make-up. Believe me, they have the power to transform their entire look with their simple yet skillful makeup techniques.

So, don’t forget to make a surprise visit to your girlfriend or seeing her waking up in the morning. This is the best chance and time to see your real Mexican date.

Passion at extremes is one of another things that I came to know. This, at times also brings many complications and heated arguments to the relationships.

But still, you cannot generalize it. It may depend on a personality and the type of upbringing and exposure.

Yet, if it occurs, don’t be shocked. Remember, I had warned you already. Instead, if you are smart, you will figure out how to sort out the situation.

Always be the first to visit her. If you have met a Mexican girl online and wish to meet her, then don’t ask her to fly and come to meet you. You have to be the first person to do so to build trust. Later, she will be ok to come and see you at your place.

Lastly, a very important thing as a part of dating a Mexican woman is, to know that it’s a gradual and stepwise journey. Culturally, they appreciate love, connection, and friendship first, and later you can think about moving into the bed.

Ethnicities/Nationalities – These words could be triggering alarms to your mind. No, these are not about racism. These are about attraction and settling down cross-border challenges.

Are you European? You have higher chances to establish a long-term relationship than an American fellow has. But, being an American, gives you an advantage of visa-free visits for a particular period of time.

You all know better about your country’s visa policy and regulations.

I have good news for my black friends. Mexican girls are good to share of attraction towards black guys. So, friends, you can try your luck in finding your dream girls in Mexico.

There are some places with are not suitable to find the girls for a lasting relationship. These include Tijuana and Cancun. All you get in these places is a headache even if you want just some romantic time.

Guadalajara has been approved by many foreigners to find and to dating a Mexican woman. There are many are other places but I just warned you to stay away from the dodgy ones.

Use an online dating site to get to know the Mexican girls before actually landing in Mexico. Stay watchful throughout. Expand your knowledge and I wish you all the success.

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